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  1. I havent posted in a while, but I am getting back into building. i used to order a lot from jans netcraft. they have square bills that you can run a few trials with maybe. Thats if you are going to try and make some. http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/crankbait-bills-lure-lips/ They have the circuit board ones(which are really thin) and clear plastic(which are standard thickness).
  2. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/11512-slip-molds-for-hard-baits/ Check out this slip mold tut. I am sure you could suspend a weight the way he is doing it to hold the master copy.
  3. Hey there, I posted on your other comment as well. I dont have anything in the way that is available for you to sell, i never sold any of mine really. Just a suggestion or two if you dont get any bites on the supplies. Painting the lures can be done really easily. Some craft paint for $1 each at michaels and some brushes/sponges will probably do the trick. A little help for them to paint the eye maybe. One idea you can do if you have the start up for your first round of lures. Let them make them, paint them, clear coat them, and get some cheap key rings from a craft store etc. Maybe have a sal
  4. I think that is a great thing you are doing. I am not sure how old they are, but holding their attention to the finished product might be an issue. I take a 9yo boy out and do things with him, he gets bored of tedious thing fairly quickly. I would suggest getting some basswood blocks from a hobby store, some rough wood files, sandpaper, and some eye screws. Draw up some templates they can trace on to the block and let them goto to work. They will be "hooked" a little easier finishing a simple bait they can use sooner. Of course you could research some things on here that you should know (that
  5. I searched for #214 wire and did not come up with much. I work in surgery and we use pins and wires to fix certain fractures. We generally use anything from 1.25mm to 3.2 mm. The only thing I can come up with on that number is that it is missing a " . " . If it was 2.14 wire @13/16" , that would convert to 0.08425 @ 13/16. So i dont believe based on the only thing i could come up with, that it is the same. less then a hairs difference though.
  6. Just my 2 cents, I found a rotisserie on craigslist pretty easily. I just plug it in and fashioned some dowels to stick on the spikes that hold the meat on.
  7. I know this is older, but oak also has a very open grain. It will take a good amount of filling to get rid of grain. Poplar has worked good for me and can be shaped well. If you really want to use a hardwood, cedar maybe?
  8. Excellent stuff man.....im jealous!
  9. atrophius

    Carp Dog-Walker

    Looks nice, what topcoat is that?
  10. Ok, so I thought I would post a picture of what I came up since someone asked. I pretty much just took a dremel mini router attachment and epoxied it into a piece of wood. I am not done with it yet because there is a whole other section i want to try and make. This thing will eventually be a mini lathe/router hopefully hehe. I am not sure I will go that far yet though, I have school coming up. Pretty much though, the attachment put in the would is square with the surface of the wood and it holds the dremel just fine. I am not a wood worker really, so the construction is not all nice looking, b
  11. atrophius

    Rtv Molds

    Checkthe other forum post on here, "Excellent mold tutorial". There is some good info in there. Also, I had been thinking about the same thing you have about molding around the lip in the mold. However, I came to thinking about different lips and what if I wanted to make a shallow version or a deep diving version. So I think you could probably make a slot to mold around it, but it may be more counter productive to do so as your limit yourself to just that lip. Plus I like to eyeball the lip alignment.
  12. wow, thats good stuff. I didnt realize that guy was a contributor. I am seriously thinking about doing this though. I think i might wait til i am done with school though. I could totally see this taking up a lot of my time lol
  13. I came across this tutorial while looking for info on molds and expandable foam. It is so extensive I almost want to try it! http://www.artbrushlabs.com/custom_lures/moldplanning.htm This guy was featured on a plastics website that does tons of molding stuff.
  14. You can goto makelure.com if you want. Larry will show you even how to use it. there are a number of place to get it though. i think i remember someone saying you need 16lb. expanding foam or higher
  15. Well, the hardest wood I really use is poplar. I wanted to steer clear of traditional router because the baits I make are usually smaller. I really dont want to lose a finger tip and I think the dremel is just a lot safer. Owell, i guess i will just have to think on it more. Hazmail, what shaft size are the lami routers?
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