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  1. trfishin

    Bears baits molds

    Hello squigster sorry for the late reply I’ve been working a lot just checked in I sent you a couple emails Thank you
  2. trfishin

    Bears baits molds

    Hey I'm looking for some bears baits 4.25" Kodiac craw molds if you have any laying around you would like to sell please let me know Thank You
  3. trfishin


    Wanting to buy some of these Bears baits craw claw grub molds. They are 3" curly tail grub with crawdad claws on the body. Please let me know if you have any for sale or know anyone that has some to sell. Thank You
  4. trfishin


    Wow it's been a looooong time since I was on here. It's been crazy I've been working a lot and just getting back into making my plastics again. I sure feel bad I didn't know about Bojon before this his passing sure makes me feel bad I bought a kit and DVD from him on how to make tubes and with his help I have made a lot. Of hand dipped tubes and caught a ton of fish off of them. I talked to him on the phone a couple times he was a great person wish we could have met face to face. My biggest is a 35" 16 pound lake trout off one of the first tubes I made after watching the DVD he made and his kit. Rest in peace Bojon you will be sadly missed but never forgotten for the help you gave us all
  5. Hi I have 1 bears baits 2.75" helga cricket mold it shoots great and makes a nice bait everytime but I use alot of small plastics and this is a bigger bait great for bass trout walleye etc. Im looking $45 shipped to your door in USA or will trade for Bears baits injector small or medium bears small helga cricket mold bears 4.25" maniac mold bears 3" or 4" real craw molds. if you have the 3" real craw mold from bears i would pay the extra to make a fair trade or basstackle cricket molds or let me know what other molds you have and maybe we can make a deal thank you for looking
  6. trfishin

    2 color injector

    ANY OFFERS please just let me know by pm or email thanks for looking
  7. trfishin

    2 color injector

    [size="5"][/size][b] Hi I have 3 of bears small 2 color injector nozzles and 2 adapters for sale for $23 to your door or trade for glitters, colors, mold etc. thanks for looking [IMG]http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh148/trfishin/IMG_9406.jpg[/IMG][/b]
  8. trfishin

    1.75" tiny twitchy mold

    Hello Im looking for a bears 1.75" tiny twitchy mold if anyone has one for sale please pm me or email me Thank You
  9. this mold is sold thanks for looking
  10. Hi I have bought a bears 5.25" stick top pour or injection mold. It makes great worms but I just dont use that size as much as I though i would. Im asking $65 shipped to you door. Or I would like to trade for a bears crappie crazy craw 1.75" bears tiny twitchy mold 1.75" or a bobs 3" stick mold bobs 4" stick mold or a dels 4.25" stick mold slim stick mold any questions please send me a private message. thanks trfishin http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh148/trfishin/IMG_4639.jpg http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh148/trfishin/IMG_4638.jpg http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh148/trfishin/IMG_4640.jpg If you have any more 2 piece alum molds let me know as I mgiht be interested in trading for them. thanks trfishin
  11. I to would check out Bears Baits. Bear is great with great customer support, great products from plastic to molds etc and has fast shipping to. I got to go and order some more supplies right now talk to you guys later
  12. Thanks guys for checking my first tubes. They turned out great but I still owe it all to Bojon the tube master
  13. Hi TU guys and gals just thought I would stop by and give Bojon :yay:a huge Thank You for helping me get started making tubes. I got a complete tube making kit from bojon and heres my very first tubes that I made after Bojon teaching me what was necessary to make some great tubes. These are my first tubes and they turned out great. Thanks Bojon your the TUBE MASTER trfishin
  14. wow im a newbie to all this plastic making and cant believe all the different cutter you guys have come up with. thanks
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