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  1. http://www.roggo.ch/photos-fische-studio.htm
  2. anyone ever tried using another substitution for micro balloon?
  3. @rofish: can u upload those Ms word file to some upload host? so u can relax n we can download it by ourself without u sending email one by one thx
  4. my friend in Bali just bought new lure from megabass this lure have 2 holes in their back n there is tunnel to connected those 2 holes the seller tell my friend this holes n tunnel thing create to make a bubble when we retreive... anyone have tried to make this with wood??? maybe u can share little bit in this threat, thx sinyo
  5. great lure..... i think it is not primitive but new breakthrough to create inexpensive lure not just that, it's can be a model for young children to start building a lure
  6. sinyo

    Inspired by Heddon Punkinseed

    nice work! it's very different from the other..... what about the action?
  7. im back n amazed with TU new look :D

  8. im back n amazed with TU new look :D

  9. im back n amazed with TU new look :D

  10. im back n amazed with TU new look :D

  11. im back n amazed with TU new look :D

  12. maybe u can try curved lip...it really help to increase action on my lure.. IMHO
  13. raining brick...yes you're right that what i was thinking too. after that the fish will see submarine parade running across the water:D almost every natural lakes or rivers in Java has a poor species of fish. this is not only affect by over fishing and poisoning but also from suckermouth catfish(local call it "sapu-sapu") this fish has invade our water n eat all local species eggs.. the only fish available is Nile Tilapia n other fish who can escaped from breeder net.. but in SOME remote area u can still find wild catfish, snake head and BARRA, me and my friends still searching for this spot your story about pork bait very funny, u can make all people at the party laugh with those story:lolhuh:
  14. in here,we mostly fish on commercial pond( U paid what u got) this pond not big like a natural lake 2 times i have participate on gathering with the other anglers( 7-10 persons), we always got disappointing result on those gathering...the fish wont bite our cranks it's very different story if we fish in small group (2 persons)... i don't understand why it's happen? the best answer i got is, fish will run away or hide if they see lures parade.LOL have u has similar experience or answer about it??please share on this topic PS : the pond size around 10x20m. each angler has gap around 1 meter thx ernest
  15. nice job:yay: how small it can go? can this machine copy a smaller bait? thx ernest
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