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  1. webbhead03

    lures 2014

    My first attempt at homemade inline spinners!!
  2. webbhead03

    calendar rattlesnake 2 Jpg

    That is cool...and a little creapy!!
  3. webbhead03

    Bogbaits Buzzin Rat

    Looks great!!
  4. webbhead03

    Deceiver Spinner

    That is awesome! Looks great! It would catch fish here in Ohio!
  5. webbhead03

    homemade beetlespins

    Homemade beetlespins
  6. webbhead03

    2012 smallmouth#3

    A fine central Ohio smallmouth!
  7. webbhead03

    2 colored lures

    m-f 7" curly q twin colors
  8. webbhead03

    The Beginning Of Hand Poured Fishing Worms!

    I love m-f products!!
  9. webbhead03

    smallmouth And boot

    12 inch boot!
  10. webbhead03

    2012 smallmouth#1

    1st 2012 smallie caught on a homemade jig!
  11. webbhead03

    jigs 2012

    new jigs
  12. webbhead03

    sept11 #1

    new bi-color trailers
  13. webbhead03


    homemade nightcrawler harnesses
  14. webbhead03

    1st smallie

    1st good spring smallie on homemade jig this year!
  15. I pray the rain ends soon, here in Ohio. I neeeeed to fish!