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  1. That is a sweet looking lure!
  2. Lowes sells a plastic tool dip that work probably work. I think it is called liquid tape and it is plastic
  3. I received my lures today also. Man you guys are really talented! The next lure swap I'll make something extra special! Thanks again to everyone who participated. Benji White
  4. Will do Gene...Thanks again for lining this up. I will definitely do this again if offered! Benji White
  5. Thanks Gene, I looking forward to seeing other people's work. Benji
  6. nice tutorial..you may want to try going straight through with the wire and instead of creating a "hook hanger" for your first hook in the middle of the lure, add a double barrell swivel through the wire and add your hook to that. I usually cut my hooks in the eye and solder onto the barrell swivel. The hook would rotate 360 degrees and it makes it harder for the fish to throw that hook anyway! Benji
  7. The HF airbrushes I use have never had to be taken apart for cleaning. Course I use enamel or aycrylic paints thinned with acetone and after every use; I always run a bottle of acetone through just to clean it and brush and ream out the nozzle with acetone also. If you do the cleaning as part of the same pattern when you paint (EVERYTIME) you won't have those issues. As far as the costs of the HF AB I use....when the rings wear out I just replace the whole airbrush. You just can't beat the price!!!! Benji
  8. So do we have a total of 10 yet?
  9. I'm looking forward to this! I live in NC and have read on other forums about plugfests in the new england states. I sure wish we had something like that in North Carolina/Virginia area. Benji
  10. Yeah, I have seen this tutorial also. It is pretty much on the money, however you don't need to use a lighter. A hotair gun on its lowest setting for 3 or 4 minutes works well. Benji
  11. I have read about Etex issues others have had and submitted a few replys on different posts before. I haven't until now, ever had a problem with Etex. A few nights ago I was clear coating some 3 oz flutter jigs I had made and painted and a pencil popper I had made. It was very humid and I did the same procedure I always do. Same 50/50 mix, stir time, brush on, use heat gun on lowest setting for 3 or 4 minutesand let spin on lure spinner overnight. The next morning they were a little tacky but since have dried nicely by letting them sit for a few days. I'm sure the humity was the culprit. Benji
  12. Good deal! I turned one last night. I'm going to submit "Red Head" pencil poppers. Benji White
  13. OK...you talked me into it. I think I can swing it. I'll actually have a little time off from work and should be able to make the lures. Just to be sure I read it correctly, I need to make 10 lures of the same kind and mail them to you after you send me a PM with your mailing address? I look forward to seeing the other lures people are making.
  14. Gene, Take me out of the swap. After reading the guidlines a little closer, I see that I'd need to make 10 lures. I thought is was only one. My Bad! Benji White
  15. Count me in,I'm #4. I turn pencil poppers and Pop-R's out of eastern red cedar. Benji White
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