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  1. mattwv

    Ever Made A Mistake That Came Out Right.

    That is exactly what happened yesterday on the water. Mixed up some watermelon, white, and black glitter. Turned a snot green, I mean nasty looking. Long story short, that was the only color we could get the smallmouth to hit. Btw X2 on writing everything down, never know what will catch 'em!
  2. mattwv

    Proof Is In The Puddin

    How did you like the PVC?
  3. mattwv

    Pvc Trim Board

    I went to ACE Hardware and asked for PVC brickmold. I like using it v/s the AZEK as it hand sands easier and I feel I can get a better finish on it. I do however seal with a lite coat of e-tex before I paint. I'm def not very good but just a few things I found when I was trying a few things out. Def like using the PVC over wood. The AZEK was def alot denser than the brickmold trim.
  4. Let me know the good and bad, the bad just helps me get better. 1st on is a little cedar bait approx 2 inches painted it up in a golden shiner color. Alittle balsa bait 2 inches in length, 1st attempt at a gill pattern.
  5. mattwv

    Is This Bill To Big?

    I've installed everything, and put a thin coat of dev 2 on it and am going to test it out. I made the line tie come out about 3/16. It floats great in the sink so we shall see. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. mattwv

    Is This Bill To Big?

    This help
  7. mattwv

    Is This Bill To Big?

    LR, That was my fear of the line tie needing to be out on the lip. Can i drill the lip thats on it or should i just order some? It hasnt been glued in yet
  8. mattwv

    Is This Bill To Big?

    Thanks guys, i thought it would be ok but just wated to get some opinios. Any thoughts on the cedar? And i have some waterbased poly crylic should i dip first? This one turned out good so i dont wanna mess it up
  9. mattwv

    Is This Bill To Big?

    This little bait is 2inches long and is made from cedar from the hardware store. Unsure of the exact cedar but i also attatched a picture if someone could tell me which cedar i have. My main question is do you think the bill will over power this bait?
  10. mattwv

    Heavy Balsa And Hand Twisted Eyes?

    Thank you sir, for your response. I have and idea on a through wire deal with twisting elongated figure 8 from nose to tail and from bottom through the ballast to top. Running horizontal through vertical figure 8s and expoxy in place. I shall see how that goes. I am using .031 ss wire from stamina to bend and in these little 2 to 2 1/4 inch baits it's tough for me. I think I'd rather drill holes than cut in half.
  11. First off My name is Matt and have been a long time reader just to get somewhat of a general idea on how to build my own balsa cranks. There is a ton of info in the 200 and some pages but I just wanted to get some advice before I start. I am only making these for bass fishing. I looked back through a couple hundred pages and found that with balsa a through wire system is generally used. Does this pertain to heavy density balsa? I purchased some off the net that specified low, med, and heavy. It has a harder feel than the low as I ordered both just to get a feel of the difference. I have read the twisting methods and think that with the heavy density, twisting the eyes would be ok. In my area a 4 pound largemouth bass is a beast and a 4 pound smallie is a giant. I also have basswood and found that twisted eyes are fine here also. Correct? Thanks in advance all, this is a great site and lots of info. Matt
  12. mattwv

    Pouring Cup?

    1 cup pyrex measuring cup, using microwave to heat with.
  13. I do the same thing. Frankenstein 'ing is better for me, I'm not artistic enough to carve so i just glue and play. Paca chunk and a beaver body makes a nice lookin crawl.
  14. mattwv

    I'm Addicted To Making Molds

    I'm in the same boat with the mold making addiction. I've done a few of the creature style molds like that but the little flippers on the sides doesn't wanna come out right. Pain in the butt, I've cut and glued so many plastics together the last week it aint funny. LOL, oh well lots of fun and I too am getting better at it.
  15. mattwv

    Modifying Crankbait Blanks?

    I purchased some unpainted crankbait blanks and the one that i liked i bought, painted it up, and tied it on, threw it, and it didn't run very well. My question is, the bill is rounded on the front am i able to take the dremel and square off the bill and sand the underneath to make it flat. It looks like a flat sided lucky craft style. I really like the size of the bait but would like to get it to run better. Anyone ever experimented with this?