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  1. thanks porkchop! that's what I figured. I emailed him, and he is expecting more, just doesn't know when... Eric
  2. That's great! thank you! I can easily get ahold of poly tubing, we have miles of it here are work. Does the bottle have to be glass? I have old createx and wicked paint plastic bottles I could repurpose. the wicked bottles already have the bb inside... I am going to try the alclad though, I can make 1 oz of paint last a long time so Im not too worried about the price. If I can put scales into the chrome I think it will take things to another level! thank you very much for the tips! ill be putting them to work soon Eric
  3. that alclad just might be exactly what I am looking for. thank you! I haven't done anything with lacquer based paints, so ill be reading up on that... when you say thin krylon, how does that work? I have been using a spray can. Are you talking about spraying into a mixing cup and adding thinner before using it in an airbrush? Eric
  4. so many good suggestions, thank you all for chiming in! I will try these out and see what I can make work...I usually do use the search function but it hadn't even crossed my mind when posing this question. I will see what that turns up as well. thank you! Eric
  5. hi, I have been using krylon chrome spraypaint as a base with good results...took some trial and error getting an even coat, but I think I am there... Now I would like to be able to put scale pattern in the chrome, but the spraypaint is too thick and it runs under the scale masking material. does anyone know of chrome colored paint I can use with my airbrush? thanks! Eric
  6. thanks! I'll take a look. everyone has the 2.5 squarebills, but there isn't many options for the deep divers and I have a lot of people interested Eric
  7. Hi, does anybody have a source for 2.5 dd blanks? www.unpaintedlures.com is out of stock and has been for sometime. thanks! Eric
  8. thanks for your replies. I have been using a hole punch and painters tape, but the eyes I have to remove are smaller. I tried tracing a 5 mm split ring and cutting with the exacto knife, but those were too small and I couldn't cut a good circle...ended up with irregular edges. I need to practice or get a sharper blade or both.... the bait is a river2sea S-waver and the eyes are a little bit recessed and at an angle, which made simply prying them out difficult...but, I ended up hitting them with a heat gun for a few seconds on each side to soften the glue and was able to pry them loose that way. have to be careful with this as I noticed the factory paint starting to wrinkle if I held the heat gun in one place too long. Eric
  9. I have a few baits that I want to repaint, and I am wondering if there are any ways to get the factory eyes off the bait? I thought there was a thread about this before, but I cant find it using the search function... I don't care if the eyes get messed up since I plan to replace them anyway. Up to this point i have been covering them with tape, but that doesn't always end up clean. thanks Eric
  10. wow, salty just asked a question, didn't mean to strike a nerve. only wanted clarification on a statement you originally made. I haven't messaged you for tax advice, so I am not sure who that is directed at. I will do my own research, just thought I would get help from fellow builders who have been through it which is what the forums are about...my bad... I am not importing lures, that was the point of my question...and asking questions to make sure I continue to run a legitimate business. but it's all good, I will contact an accountant and see what they know Eric
  11. what if i am not importing blanks? they are all purchased from US vendors. is the excise tax already paid? and the hooks I buy from jaggedtoothtackle.com or tacklewarehouse, haven't they already paid excise tax? sorry, just raises more questions as more are answered... Eric
  12. so, does that mean i pay excise tax on the amount it cost me in materials to put a bait together instead of the actual sale price? that is different than (and much lower than) gross quarterly sales... I often sell baits at auction so the final sale price can vary. thanks Eric
  13. thanks smallmouthaholic! I am going to crunch numbers and see where I end up. just looking at it roughly, had $1203 in gross sales last year, of which about $890 was materials(blanks, hooks, rings), not including "stuff" for the shop (have not itemized paint, epoxy, brushes, other materials)...so take $120 off for excise tax and that leaves $193 that goes in my pocket? Im thinking most of that $193 went to shop materials....and im "working" for free! good thing I enjoy it! guess Im going to have to charge more.... it does make it clear as to why so many do business under the table though. Eric
  14. ok, so this is an interesting conversation, and I am way late to jump in...but, this has brought up several questions for me.. start off by saying I am not looking to make a living. I would like to think I can make enough to supplement my day job income. I have been selling custom painted lures and doing some repaints. I had about $1200 in sales through 8 months of last year...it mostly all went right back into buying materials....I saw something about excise tax and have a few questions: 1 - do I need to register my "business" with the federal gov't? I did register with the state of CA for a resellers permit, and while I did not buy any of my materials at wholesale, I did pay state tax on sales in CA. (most of my sales were out of state) I do not have a website, but have been selling through facebook, instagram, and have most all of my transactions through paypal 2 - does the excise tax apply to me as somebody who buys components and puts them together, including custom paint, for sale? Isnt the excise tax already paid by the hook manufacturer, the blank manufacturer, etc? I want to keep it on the up and up and seeing as I registered for my reseller permit, I am kinda on the radar... thanks Eric
  15. wow, you guys have all kinds of cool tricks! I like the bristle idea, that is probably the one I can try the quickest....brylcreem! lol I found your pocket comb on amazon...won't let me post the link... I have already epoxied the wood and put down a basecoat, so the wood burner won't work for this round, but I'll definitely keep that one in mind. thank you all for your input! Eric
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