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  1. shawnm1

    Jerkbaits flashing

    Kind of, I shouldn't have said they aren't painted because they are, but there is an overlay on them that gives it the spotted pattern.
  2. shawnm1

    Jerkbaits flashing

    No stencils, they are not painted.
  3. shawnm1

    Jerkbaits flashing

    Thought I should show the flashing color on these as well. Not really visible on previous image.
  4. shawnm1


    Really good action on these lures. Very slow sink, near neutral buoyancy.
  5. shawnm1

    IMG 0274

    More of the small lures.
  6. shawnm1

    IMG 0273

    Testing one with a diving lip.
  7. shawnm1

    IMG 0256

  8. shawnm1

    IMG 0255

    Smaller version of the original lures.
  9. shawnm1

    IMG 0215

    New pattern, looks pretty cool.
  10. shawnm1

    Lure wraps?

    Just used some of the techniques described in this post.
  11. shawnm1

    Lure wraps?

    Can't really add anything to the discussion. Just posted some pics to the gallery, let me know what you think. I want the constructive criticism from the talented people on here.
  12. shawnm1

    IMG 0214

  13. shawnm1

    IMG 0212

  14. shawnm1

    IMG 0209

  15. shawnm1

    IMG 0208

    New patterns. Foiled resin baits for muskie.