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    3D lure eyes

    I am looking for 10mm and 13mm lure eyes Last time I purchased them was from bogs frogs a long long time ago. Is there a place in the states that just sells adhesive eyes? I just seen the place advertised on TU but if you have any other suggestions I all ears Thanks

    Resin microsphere ratio

    Actually this is my first attempt at casting hard baits from resin I made one so far and it sinks like a stone.From what I seen on make lure it seems like thirty percent spheres would be a good start. I was hoping some of the experts would give a starting point so I am not waisting that much resin.

    Resin microsphere ratio

    does anyone have a good ratio for casting glide baits ? I am using amazing casting resin and am trying to copy a small phantom softail . I also wonder if I can get this lure to work without adding weight. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

    Craftwell marker air brush

    I was wondering if anyone has tried one of the craftwell air brush kits ? If you have would it be a replacement for a regular airbrush? I would think if it works as advertised it would be easier and cost effective (using sharpies) for a low volume lure builder

    Kramer brothers blades

    Does anyone know where I can pick up some blades like the Kramer bros. Revolution blades

    Kids Kite For Kite Fishing?

    I recall an article by Larry Dahlberg where he had good luck trying kite fishing for muskies I was wondering if I could get away with using a smaller kids kite like the kind you get at the dollar store ? ( My son has a diamond shaped one that is about 24" long and about 15" across) I would invest in proper fishing kite if I get bit on this trial
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    Flexible Buzzbait Hooks

    I think using a couple split rings and shrink wrapping over the top like the musky guys do on our buck tails

    Mustad Swing Jig Heads

    I have been using the fastach clips on my main line for walleyes probably went trough a hundred or so already and never had a failure I even use them on my musky leaders best snap out there.

    Source For Panther Martin Tear Drop Bodies?

    I use a slip jig mold and cut the collar part off.

    Casting Reel Experiences Wanted , Please .

    They all look nice never used the bar type but I would think if it was really something special you would see a lot more like it but it always fun to try something different by the way I think you should get the one on page 150 maybe two of them!

    Air Brush -- Gravity Feed Or Siphon Feed?

    I like the siphon feed because I buy the caps that fit the bottles the paints are sold in whenever I get a new color so I spray a little pearl switch to a water bottle spray to clear the gun then a little black and so forth no wasted paint

    Crankbait Machine

    I understand the grinder (with saw blade) and stylus are riding on a threaded rod but how do you return it without having to run it in reverse? Is there a half nut ? or a pin of some sort ? I imagine the top assembly is held against the blank and template with a spring. But I think after going an inch or two it would want to jump threads and return to its starting point. How is this avoided?

    New Weed Guard Set-Up From Mark Pack

    It looks like nylon coated 7 strand steel leader material to me

    Iwata eclipse siphon feed

    I have 3 iwata eclipse siphon feed airbrushes all work great. I also have a vega 2000 siphon feed airbrush works great also for 50.00 Selling because I don't have the time anymore. Send a p.m. if interested