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  1. Ric670

    PB Lmb

    9lbs lmb caught on my own 3/4 oz custom jig
  2. Ric670


    Two tone 4inch DS worm blue/clear...green/violet
  3. Ric670

    football jig

    I have a pic of the jig in the Jig gallery. This little guy hit it like a 5 pounder.
  4. Ric670


  5. Ric670


    Painted with createx, nice hard shell with d2t. ready to catch fish in the spring.
  6. Ric670


    this 1/2 oz'er dove 5+ feet in my pool and seems it will go deeper. all balsa, createx and a circuit board lip
  7. Ric670

    Homemade bill

    Here is a bill i made an placed in my second crankbait.
  8. Ric670


    @surfk9 I drilled the hole in the bill..made a loop in the wire to be just slightly larger than the hole, then folded the tag end of the wire under the bill..cut the tag end. I then epoxied the bill in to the body. VOILA...that bait runs as good and as straight as any you buy in the store. I hope that helps
  9. Ric670

    Custom square bill

    Squarebill that runs perfectly
  10. Ric670


    The finished product
  11. Ric670


  12. Ric670


    Finished product runs nicely...for my 1st foray into custom crankbaits. I gopro'd it at posted the vine to my instagram account tnrbaits17. Making the hole in the bill was the vital part as far as positioning goes.
  13. Ric670

    Vibrating Jig

    I posted this on my other social media account. It looks and swims like a champ.
  14. Ric670

    half oz SB

    The black flake on it is the same black flake used for some of my worms.