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  1. soonyee

    Various molds

    Bear's 2oz. injector......35.00 shipped (SOLD) Bears's 10" senko worm plus the 10" senko tip, both for ... 115.00 shipped (SOLD) Basstackle's 505 creature (2 cavitiy)... 75.00 shipped (SOLD) http://www.Basstackle.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=505%2D1%2D1 Basstackle's 4.5" Jointed Jerk Mold (4 cavity) lowered price ...50.00 shipped http://www.Basstackle.com/product_p/jointedjerktoppour4.html Basstackle's 4" Senko 4 cavity, hand poured...43.00 shipped (SOLD) Basstackle's 5" Senko 4 cavity, hand poured...45.00 shipped (SOLD) Basstackle
  2. Basstackle's 4.5" Jointed Jerk mold $55 shipped The mold is in excellent condition. Bo...
  3. soonyee

    Bear's 4" Craw worm

    Bear's 4" Craw worm $30 shipped The mold is in excellent condition. Bo...
  4. Bear's 10" Stik bait $100 shipped Bear's 10" Stik bait tips $25 shipped If you wish to purchase both the 10" Senko and 10" tips $115 shipped Both molds are in excellent condition.
  5. Delw, Thank you for your responses on this forum and via email. I will send the mold and a sample worm back to you today. Keep in touch. Thanks Bo...
  6. This is a two piece pour mold. The temp of the plastic was 340-350.
  7. Lol. Soonyee was my gold retrievers name. Frank, thanks for the information on the fs6. There are no spirals in the worm. I twisted the worm to best illustrate the edge. Hmmmmm, maybe the squarish worm undulates or squiggles just the right way that it triggers an uncontrollable urge for the bass to bite. Who knows maybe square is what the bass crave and it will win millions in tournaments.
  8. Here is my best attempt. It is hard to get a photo of the edges, I think because the color is so dark. I twisted the worm to best show the edges. I took a photo with and without flash.
  9. I just received the fs7 (flick shake 7") from Del's today. I made a few and learned that the worm is not completely round. The egg sack (the center) is completely round however on either sides of it the worm is sort of square-ish. There are four distinct edges. For those who have this mold, are your molds yielding square-ish worms? Thanks Bo...
  10. Those look great. Can't wait until my days off to give it a try. Two more days and counting.
  11. Excellent points, I did not even think of. I have been pondering the use of non-stick baking pans. They come in all different sizes and shapes. I just learned that tape will stick to the non-stick surface. Well gonna have to make a trip to the home store. If I could only use the one's in the kitchen cabinet, but I have a feeling my better half would kick me out to the dog house.
  12. Hello, My apologies if this topic has been covered but I searched and could not find my answer. I plan on using fiber glass resin (the one made by 3M found in automotive stores). My plan is to use the smooth side of a glass cutting board as the bottom. I plan on using a wood frame as the sides and then using a hot glue gun to seal the edges were the wood meets the glass and the corners of the wood frame. My questions are: 1. will it be ok to use wood with the fiber glass resin? 2. will the fiber glass resin separate from the glass? or do I have to treat the glass with some type of oi
  13. Thanks for the kind words. The learning curve was shorten by reading through the posts on this web site. Thanks to everyone who participate and contribute in sharing their knowledge.
  14. Mark, I was just about ask this very same question. I pour my own lead heads. Instead of powder coating the lead heads because of the extra time involved and because you would not see the head would there be another method that would: not interact with the plastic and protect the lead from the plastic?
  15. Is the lead on the hook bare? Meaning, is there any type of paint or protectant on the surface of the lead? My concern is that when I leave a lead head on plastic, over time the lead will corrode. Bo...
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