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  1. John Sanner

    Making A Drying Wheel?

    Do you happen to have a photo of your setup?
  2. John Sanner

    polytranspar paint

    I use it and it sprays great and it is very durable. I cant hardly sand through it with 100 grip paper. I usually have to take a paper towel and soak it in denatured alcohol and rub the bait and it will eat the paint off.
  3. John Sanner

    My first repaint.....

    It looks great. I wish my first one looked that good. I am to ashamed to post a picture of my first repaint.
  4. John Sanner

    Thickening Createx

    Thank you guys you just dont know how much of a help yall have been. I painted a little tonight and did pretty good except it took me a little over two hours to paint one dd22 in sexy shad color. When I got to my blue, neon yellow, black, and orange I would take my airbrush completly apart and made sure I had it clean and there wasnt any moisture in it and I didnt have as much problems spiderwebbing this time.
  5. John Sanner

    Thickening Createx

    I havent tried stiring it but I have shaking the crap out of it. I just ordered the paint from about a month ago
  6. John Sanner

    Thickening Createx

    My red, black, and orange wants to spiderweb and I have turned my airpressure down to 15lbs and it is still doing it. I have a moisture trap on my line so I dont think it has to do with moisture.
  7. John Sanner

    Thickening Createx

    What can I use to thicken it up a little?
  8. John Sanner

    Glitter ?

    I am using Devcon 2t epoxy for my final clear coat
  9. John Sanner

    Glitter ?

    I was wondering what size glitter I could mix with createx clear and spray it through my paasche VL#3 airbrush?
  10. John Sanner

    Chrome Paint

    Does anyone know what kind of chrome paint Bill Lewis Lures uses on the Rat-L-Trap and if you can buy it anywhere?
  11. John Sanner

    airbrush problem

    I have the protective cover removed. I worked with it a little last night and i'm starting to get a little better.
  12. John Sanner

    airbrush problem

    I live in Magnolia. Is there anything I could use to try to thickin up the paint a little bit?
  13. John Sanner

    airbrush problem

    i tried holding it closer but it just makes the paint scatter that much more. Its not spitting paint its just spreading out all over the bait like I am spraying it to hard. The paints I have are airbrush paints.
  14. John Sanner

    airbrush problem

    I got my airbrush(paasche VL Set) and paint(createx & smith paints) in the mail today and went to work on a few rattletraps and needless to say it didnt turn out to good. I was using the #3 tip and needle and couldnt get it to spray a fine line. I could spray the polytransper superhide white pretty good if I held my airbrush about 8 inches away from the bait. After I got one primed I cleaned out my airbrush and then used a hair dryer to heat the bait for a couple minutes to speed up the drying. After it was dry I would go with my next color and when my paint would hit the bait it would just scatter. It acts like I am using to much airpressure and its just pushing paint all over the bait(was using 20lbs). I also cant get it to spray a fine line(1" is as fine as I can get it to spray). I dropped down to the #1 tip and needle and still couldnt get it to spray any finer. Any help would be appreciated
  15. John Sanner

    Polytranspar Superhide White

    I ordered this for my basecoat and I was wondering if I still needed a coat of etching primer or if this would stick to a scuffed up plastic lure?