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  1. For what it’s worth I personally us M-F and mostly use Dead On Plastix colorants. But I have never tried to match Yamamoto watermelon. Nate.
  2. Might look at Jacobs Mold. He’s got something similar to a slider. http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/paddle-tail-3-bait-6-cavity-mold/ nate.
  3. Look up worlds worst fishing on YouTube he’s done several vids on this exact thing. Nate.
  4. Great ideas guys, I appreciate it. Gonna give them a try. nate.
  5. How do you guys go about cleaning the inside of the injector?? Mine keep gumming up. I currently just spray it down with 70% rubbing Alcohol and run a rag threw it. Cleans it pretty well but after a few molds being shot it gums right back up. I’m currently using Do-It Molds and Jacobs Molds injectors. Nate
  6. Hello everone, I'm looking for some Crappie Sliders in custom colors. I've been using the actual Charlie Brewer Slider and having great success. I've hollered at Grandpa bob's jigs (snake river) over at Crappie.com but he's not taking orders right now. So I thought I'd check here and see if anybody is pouring them and willing to sell me some. Thanks, Nate.
  7. I know my buddy's friend throws a pice of bacon in with his rubber worms when bass fishing. He uses a strip of bacon and just throws it in package with the worms and goes. Never heard of it let alone seen it before, but it sure worked. So I tried it for bluegill and worked pretty well.
  8. Yep M-F makes a silver and silver pearl. I mix them 50/50, the silver pearl is actualy clear with a silver luster and the silver is a grey/silver color. Add a little bit Red M-F .015 glitter and you got a Bass slayer color. Pour it in a fluke for spawn time and you'll clean house. I'll try making some up this weekend and post a pic. Just my two Cents. Nate J.
  9. Thanks Jerry thats a great relief, and put a smile on my face. Thank you, Nate.
  10. I was wanting one of those PDF Color Cook books and a ball cap for x-mas from my wife but now I don't see the "TU Gear for sale" store? Is it just gone, not up right now or did it move? I do like the new look of the site and all. Link Please if anyone has one. Thank you, Nate.
  11. Ya, Alex got me going on the soft plastics this past summer. The only thing is I ended having rubber worms comming out of my ears. But its all good fun. I wish there was a club for us guys here in wichita.
  12. I take it your in the wichita area? If so go see Zieners the bass pro one they'll help you out. thats were I get my stuff for soft plastics and jig tying. See thats why I'd like to start a club tos, trade lues, help each other out, tell fish stories, go fishing and what have not.
  13. Weeelll I think I decided that I'm just gonna try and get a compressor and build a sound proof box. First I got to get a better brush first. Is there any "good" cheap compressors out there.
  14. Cool, how many attend it. And I don't drink beer I drink Jack, but its all the same:sauced: . I'd like to have a group/club here so we can meet monthly or something. You got zieners link up there in resources. So I'm thinking theres gota be some people in my area on here.
  15. So no one here is in my area? And No one wants to start a club/group to hang out, fish, make lures ect.
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