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  1. First thank you for the response. Im assuming nobody that responded has used this type of wrap. The tissue paper and water slide type wraps can look really good. I have found they are unable to print any type of metallic colors. I dont believe there is any type of clearcoat that will adhere to a vinyl wrap material.This is the reason for the post!
  2. Hello guys. I have a blank swimbait I have been working on for some time. I had ended up trying to wrap a photo image on it. I ended up using a 3m vinyl wrapped image on there. The fish seem to like it anyway. My problem is the clearcoat I am using will not adhere to this type of material the image is made out of. I am clearing it with devcon 2-ton.I was thinking of some type of adhesion promotor when I lay the image on the bait. Bait is cast with Featherlite. The past times they failed I laid the image cleared in a turner then painted the backs and bottom the re cleared. First trip hook rash caused the clear to come off in chunks. on both sides. it just wont adhere to the vinyl wrap. Anybody have any insight to a clearcoat that can be used with a vinyl wrapped image. Thank everybody for there insight. Im bummed because I'm going to have to paint them now. I dont know how to paint Thank you.
  3. Thank you all for the information that has been provided over the years. This is my first post. Unfortunately it couldn't be something to contribute. I have been making my own lures for about 2 years off and on. When I have money for supplies Ha Ha. I am currently working on a 8 inch 2 piece gizzard shad. I am trying to find a way when I mold it to incorporate all the hardware when being poured. I have most recently wanted to have the hinge pin and screw eyes with the slots already in the cast when poured if possible. The screw eyes are in the first segment of the bait. The slots and hinge pin in the second section.when making a mold of the master how can I make the slots for the screw eyes and have the hinge pin in place. Most likely making it complicated. Just cant visualize it in the mold. The reasoning is I always have a pile of rejects just from drilling the pin and screw eye slots.I always have the most errors in this section Thank you for any suggestions. Wes
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    The Old slab

    Always on the other level!!! Those scales look awesome. Tried in the past but cannot make them even like that. Those are sick.
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  6. Best looking shad swimbait yet! At least in my rookie opinion. Awesome job!
  7. I caught this one at the local pond. It's no giant but it is the very first one I caught using a swimbait I made. I wanted to say thanks to everybody for the incredible information. I can only hope to pass on anything I will learn during this lure making journey. Still cant paint!! Ha Ha
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    first paint shad

    paint cans
  9. Awesome!!!! Those look killer. Very cool!
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