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  1. MikePaintsBaits

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    Wanted To Wish Everyone & Their Familes , Friends A Great Christmas & New Years , For The Ones Traveling Be Safe On The Roads. Mike
  2. MikePaintsBaits

    Epoxy Vapor Problem

    I think most of the people using Devon are doing the 1:1 Volume , not weight. You can pretty much be spot on when squeezing two equal amounts into a mixing cup. Mike
  3. MikePaintsBaits

    Twin Tail Grub

    Hey Wally , I just got my answer , its a gary yamamoto bait , They no longer make it. Thanks Anyway. Can Anyone Make This Bait / Color ? Thanks Mike
  4. MikePaintsBaits

    Twin Tail Grub

    Does anyone Know who makes this hula twin tail grub ? Thanks Mike
  5. MikePaintsBaits

    Glitter and Epoxy

    I'm thinking size of glitter ?
  6. MikePaintsBaits

    How to get crankbait to swim correctly using brush on epoxy

    X2 With Bob , AS well , I never have clear coated a lip.
  7. MikePaintsBaits

    Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    Hey Guys Big Thanks
  8. MikePaintsBaits

    What Is This Color

    Hey Everyone Thanks for you input. Mike
  9. MikePaintsBaits

    Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    I've never clear coated a jointed bait ? Any tips , I have some LC 1.5 wake Baits I'm doing. I'm using bob smith epoxy. Thanks For Any Help. Mike
  10. MikePaintsBaits

    What Is This Color

    Thanks Woodie , I'll check them out. Mike
  11. MikePaintsBaits

    What Is This Color

    Can anyone help , what is the color on the upper side of this bait , is it some type of (Green) ? Thanks Mike
  12. Do you sell those hunting crankbaits ?

    Thanks Mike

    1. CNC Molds N Stuff

      CNC Molds N Stuff


      I don't sell any  baits.  I do sell the mold, and since that was the was only the second of those baits I made I can't guarantee that you can make them hunt.  If you bought the mold I could tell you about what I did, but there is no guarantee you could make them hunt.  Probably some would.  




  13. MikePaintsBaits

    Hook Bonnets

    I've tried several different ones , I ended up sticking with Jan's. My 2 Cents. Mike
  14. MikePaintsBaits

    Thoughts Anyone ?

    Thanks Good Fishing ....
  15. MikePaintsBaits

    Thoughts Anyone ?

    Hey Tnbasstracker Thanks For The Input , At Times I Think I Go A Little Overboard , I Think Too Much Blue. Mike