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  1. Glitter and Epoxy

    I'm thinking size of glitter ?
  2. How to get crankbait to swim correctly using brush on epoxy

    X2 With Bob , AS well , I never have clear coated a lip.
  3. Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    Hey Guys Big Thanks
  4. What Is This Color

    Hey Everyone Thanks for you input. Mike
  5. Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    I've never clear coated a jointed bait ? Any tips , I have some LC 1.5 wake Baits I'm doing. I'm using bob smith epoxy. Thanks For Any Help. Mike
  6. What Is This Color

    Thanks Woodie , I'll check them out. Mike
  7. What Is This Color

    Can anyone help , what is the color on the upper side of this bait , is it some type of (Green) ? Thanks Mike
  8. Do you sell those hunting crankbaits ?

    Thanks Mike

    1. CNC Molds N Stuff

      CNC Molds N Stuff


      I don't sell any  baits.  I do sell the mold, and since that was the was only the second of those baits I made I can't guarantee that you can make them hunt.  If you bought the mold I could tell you about what I did, but there is no guarantee you could make them hunt.  Probably some would.  




  9. Hook Bonnets

    I've tried several different ones , I ended up sticking with Jan's. My 2 Cents. Mike
  10. Thoughts Anyone ?

    Thanks Good Fishing ....
  11. Thoughts Anyone ?

    Hey Tnbasstracker Thanks For The Input , At Times I Think I Go A Little Overboard , I Think Too Much Blue. Mike
  12. Thoughts Anyone ?

    Stretcher66 Thanks for your input , Mike
  13. Thoughts Anyone ?

    Too Much Blue >Maybe No Blue Next Time ? Mike
  14. Bob Smith Epoxy

    Hey Richard Thanks For The Info As Well , I Think I'm Liking The BS over The DT 2 , Seems To Lay Down Better. Haven't Thrown A Bait As Of Yet. Thanks Mike
  15. Bob Smith Epoxy

    Ayetti Thanks For The Input , As Well.