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  1. That’s A Sweet Looking Bait , Great Job.
  2. That’s One Sick Looking Bait , Kick A$$ Work. Mike
  3. Can anyone make this bait & color , does the PP have anything to do with the color ? Sorry for the dumb question. Mike
  4. Thanks Everyone For There Input , Hey JD , There Out Of Stock.
  5. Does Anyone Know Who Has These In Stock , I've Been Looking Every Where , Thanks For Any Help. Chrome / Silver Plated 110 Blanks. Anyone Have Extras To Part With. Thanks Mike
  6. I use the little plastic fruit cups sold by Walmart , 50 to a pack.
  7. Mark , you need me to test a plopper while you heal , Laughing , Those look Great. Mike
  8. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this color , its listed as hot lime ? Thanks Mike
  9. Great Looking Baits , Can I ask , What is The Cream Looking Color and Where Did You It ? Thanks Mike
  10. Wanted To Wish Everyone & Their Familes , Friends A Great Christmas & New Years , For The Ones Traveling Be Safe On The Roads. Mike
  11. I think most of the people using Devon are doing the 1:1 Volume , not weight. You can pretty much be spot on when squeezing two equal amounts into a mixing cup. Mike
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