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  1. Excellent craftsmanship Gene. .................Ben
  2. Lure Drying RPM

    Yes, and he was advised that a 2 rpm rotisserie motor was too slow. Given that information, along with my suggestion, he should be able to come to the appropriate decision. Not everyone has to have everything spelled out for them detail by detail.
  3. Lure Drying RPM

    I've been using a turntable motor that was salvaged from an old microwave for over 8 years. The turner I built will turn 8 bass sized baits. If your planning on building one that will turn a large number of baits, or one that will be turning big lures, then you might want to invest in a rotisserie motor since they have more torque and will handle heavier loads. Ben
  4. Airbrush Gun Issue

    Hi Basshoe, Welcome to TU. Hate to say it, but I can't help you with the vinyl lure paint. I've never used it so don't know anything that would be of help to you as far as the problems your having. My only suggestion would be to post this in the Wire Baits forum. There are a lot of very knowledgeable guys over that that build jigs, spinner baits, etc. who could help you. good luck, Ben
  5. Base coating in quantity

    Have you considered an HVLP spray gun? Ben
  6. Wood sealers/hardeners

    Guess I'm not understanding what your trying to achieve Glider. I thought you were just looking for something to seal the wood while you were experimenting with ballast location. Ben
  7. Wood sealers/hardeners

    If your just looking for something to seal the wood while your ballasting the lure why not use runny super glue? You won't find anything quicker and it will give more than enough protection against water intrusion for testing. Ben
  8. Making Opaque Paint Transparent By Adding Medium

    To make a paint more transparent, and not loose film strength, you will have to use a transparent base. This is essentially paint with no colorant in it. All a reducer will do is change the viscosity of the paint. (make it thinner) Ben
  9. Belt/Disc Sander Grit Number?

    You bring up a good point Bob. The longer you use specific tools the more accomplished you become with them. Being familiar with the tools you use is a very important part of any builders skills. Ben
  10. Airbrush

    The pantyhose is not something I came up with Dale. I read about it here at TU years ago. The way I look at it is that it's not going to hurt anything and if it helps at all then that's better than nothing. Ben
  11. Airbrush

    Soaking your brush in Createx Airbrush Restorer will loosen any dried gunk that's gumming up your airbrush and with a proper cleaning will return your brush to a "like new" condition. Of course it won't fix a bent needle if that's the case. Cut small squares out of a pair of old pantyhose and drape them over the neck of the paint bottle before screwing the lid back on and you've got yourself a built in paint filter. This will help keep your brush clean as well. If you don't develop a proper cleaning regimen you will just have the same old problems with a new airbrush irregardless of the brand. good luck, Ben
  12. Finding paint markers

    I use Createx clear for this purpose and treat it just as if it were another layer of paint by drying it with a heat gun. Takes the same amount of time as drying a layer of paint. Ben
  13. Clear coat for acrylic and

    I'd be willing to donate some finished cranks as well with the same stipulation as Bob. Once they are in your hands I am no longer responsible for what you do with them. If your still interested send me a PM and you can give me your mailing address. Ben
  14. Powder pain problem

    No worries Sudd. We won't drag you behind a boat through alligator infested waters for it. THIS time. Ben
  15. Prepping blanks

    Hi Baz O and welcome to TU. A little sanding will smooth out the back of the bait in the picture and the fish aren't going to care about the small imperfections on the sides of the bait. Those blemishes will bother the fisherman much more than they will bother the fish. As long as they run true they should catch fish. If your goal is to eventually sell custom painted baits then you can buy better quality blanks once you develop your painting skills. If your looking for something cheap to practice on I would suggest getting a couple different sizes of PVC pipe. It's rounded so you can see how to apply paint to contours so the colors blend into one another. PVC is cheap and readily available and if your using water based paints it can be washed off and used repeatedly. good luck, Ben