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  1. I don't really count at this point, since I'm rather dormant as a lure-builder at this moment (no workshop! I miss building...), but hopefully within the next six months or so I'll be able to get back to my old lure-building ways. I was a PVC fan-boy; loved using that stuff (funny thing, PVC dust smells better and better the more you inhale...) because I was impatient and didn't like waiting for wood sealer to cure. Or dealing with woodgrain. I think a lot of the really good builders kinda stopped coming online quite as much as the market and forums began to be saturated with knockoff lure blanks that anyone could paint and market as "custom". The skills required to build a lure from scratch are less in demand since a lot of guys, IMHO, are lazy and don't want to bother learning to build from scratch and would rather just paint something someone else made (more so in the US than overseas). Many of those who enjoyed sharing their years of knowledge and skills began to find that there weren't a whole lot of people out there who wanted to learn. So, less time online from the veterans. That's my read on it, anyway. Perhaps I'm mistaken, or perhaps things have changed again in the last few years while I've been absent from the online lure-building community. I do know that there at the end, right before I got burnt out, most of the guys who would ask for help were asking primarily about painting rather than building. Hence the deductions above. Anywhoozle. Cheers, y'all! Been a while.
  2. What I used to do (and will go back to doing if/when I start building lures again) is warm the epoxy resin and catalyst separately with a hairdryer, then mix them together. The epoxy mixes better that way. One other trick - warm the lure body itself with a hairdryer when you're ready to start brushing on epoxy. Don't warm the epoxy. If the lure body is warm, it'll heat the epoxy as it is applied and thus the epoxy will spread more easily. Without heating up the mixed epoxy and shortening the work-life. Otherwise, yes, those are air bubbles from inside the balsa. Two coats of thin superglue prior to epoxy will take care of that issue. The superglue soaks into the lure body and seals the pores - I found two coats were necessary because some wood can be very porous. Plus the superglue helps harden the wood and strengthen it in a way epoxy doesn't.
  3. That's got to be one of the most impressive entries yet.
  4. Fishwhittler

    Grumpy Mullet

    Absolutely beautiful! Five-star work right there.
  5. What RayburnGuy said. I'll use black or grey base coat if I want a different look for metallic paint. I'm using Createx, if that helps. Sometimes I'll also use a black base coat when I need to cover bold colors and don't want to use a ton of white paint. Black covers faster and can then be covered with white, without needing as many coats of white.
  6. Using less hardener won't work with Etex. The formula is such that if the mix isn't 50/50, the epoxy simply won't harden or else will yellow very fast. You need a drying wheel for best results with Etex.
  7. Fishwhittler


    Nice! Good looking bait there.
  8. Hand-carved PVC lure body, 2" stainless steel prop on tail, stainless steel hook hangers & line tie, 1/8" lexan bill, Createx paint, top-coated with two coats of Envirotex Lite epoxy. The lure body is 8" long and weighs 1.75 ounces. Dive depth is 1' - 3', depending on how you fish it. When reeled slowly with the rod tip held high, it swims lazily on the surface while the propellor churns the water behind. Jerk it hard, and it darts down 1' - 2' deep. Hold the rod tip low and reel at a medium clip, and it'll reach 3'. I patterned the body after the Megabass Vision 110, though my lure is several inches larger and several times louder. I don't do a whole lot of 3d scale painting, but I figured I'd give it a shot on this lure since I couldn't think of anything else. I think it turned out pretty good. Tight lines, Ben

    © Ben Maske

  9. That's why I figured I'd better check first. Oh well. I'd like to paint my own reels sometime, only startup cost is a bit steep. I've done it before, without the right paint, and while the initial result looked great it didn't last. Matter of fact it was the reel in my avatar. Soft plastic baits melted the enamel topcoat and ruined the paint. I know what I'd need to use, and it ain't cheap. Good luck to all the entrants.
  10. Fishwhittler

    gold leafed perch

    I may not even enter this category...you're probably gonna run away with 1st place. 5 stars.
  11. Curt, The reel in the attached photo is a Shimano Citica 201E which I rebuilt. Here's what I did to it: Replaced stock Dartanium drag washers with carbontex washers Replaced stock 6:1 gears with 7:1 gears from Chronarch E Replaced plastic brake case with metal brake case from Chronarch E (then polished the new brake race) Replaced stock handle with 102mm Hawgtech swept carbon-fiber handle, w/ Shimano Power Grip II knobs (not stock knobs) Replaced stock graphite drag star with aluminum star from Core 101MG Replaced silver spool-tension knob with black knob from Chronarch E Replaced crankshaft bushing with ball bearing Drilled holes in thumb rest for weight savings and looks (mainly looks ) Drilled holes in crankshaft for weight savings Polished spool shaft ends Polished key washer & anti-reverse ratchet surfaces for smoother drag (haven't polished the drive gear—it's brand-new and doesn't really need it) Polished clutch bar for smoother clutch engagement and disengagement Flushed and lubricated all internal bearings Now, this is the problem: I sent it to Calfish for the paint job, as I'm not set up for painting reels. That's the only work done to it that I didn't do myself. Does that disqualify it from being entered? Thanks, Ben
  12. Fishwhittler

    Zombie Beast Swimbait

    Looks like something ate it once already... Nice work!
  13. Fishwhittler

    It's alive

    That will definitely get eaten.
  14. Fishwhittler

    Larger baits

    Very nice! I always enjoy looking at your work.
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