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  1. Ok thanks cadman, i basically like the idea can you advise another type of roll up/stand up jighead that i can get?
  2. Hi all, I recently picked up a couple of new jig heads at a tackle store and am very happy with the performance of these and am now looking to get a mold, can anyone suggest where i might get a mold for these? Brendan
  3. Hi all, Its been a while since my last post but i have decided to pour my own jig heads and have a few questions. I really like the look of the do it gamakatsu mold but im looking for a mold/s to pour multiple 1/16,1/8 and 1/4 jigs at a time, i would also like to use 1/0 and 2/0 gama hooks and would like the ability rhe use 2x hooks from time to time. I know im asking a lot but if you could point me in the right direction that would be great. Brendan
  4. Hi all, I may have a company funded trip to Canada coming up early September and I would like to know any recommendations for tackle stores in the US that I could drop into on the back home to Australia. Looking to do some shopping Regards Brendan
  5. Hi all, I've been looking at a couple of different molds, these are completely new lures to me so would like some feedback from the guru's. The first one is the Do-It tail spinner, i notice that these are available in three different model options can anyone tell me how these differ in action? The other two I have been looking at are the shad blade or zv vibrating lure again what are the differences in the action of these? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry in relation to the skirtmaster pro
  7. Hi all, I have one of the bench mounted skirt tools from barlows, is this tool easier than the bench mount? Regards Brendan
  8. Thanks guys, I was referring to the BB swivels for spinner baits. Regards Brendan
  9. brendandrage


    Hi all, I didnt know lakeland existed, so after browsing their extensive site I hace a few questions. Swivels, as far as i can tell LL and worth are the only manufacturers of quality swivels? What i am wondering is if anyone has used both brands and what are your opinions on each? LL seem to have a much bigger range of finishes and sizes any comments on the quality? Is the customer service good and would they be reccomended? Thanks in advance PS I cant wait for winter to end here I am so over the cold fingers.
  10. Thanks for your help guys,and thanks for the feedback PSV its good to hear.
  11. Hi all, Thought I would try to add some spark into the forum with this one. I am looking for a supply of fluted willow leaf blades in both brass and copper. I am looking for lacquered in sizes 4-6. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi there thanks for the great responses any chance of some links so i know im looking at the right ones?
  13. I was wondering if there is a better method to put split rings on the blades. I use the medium opening pliers from barlows but I end up with sore fingers pretty quickly twisting the swivels around . Is there a supplier who sells blades with swivels or a Beter way to do this?
  14. If you heat the hook shaft the paint will stick up the shaft as well.
  15. Doesn't that heat the hook and the wire shaft as well?
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