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  1. jigmeister, Even though a bit more expensive, do you think mineral oil would be the as vegetable oil? Wondering because it is clear. Thanks
  2. camrynekai Did you make your pots? In other words, did you hand build everything or buy the setup?
  3. Thanks, I watched that video but he just pours a bunch of colorant in until he gets the color right. I'm looking for a per drop for per ounces.
  4. The company was changed to Bait Mavericks. Don't know if they're still in business. (336) 300-7984
  5. I have searched everywhere for the recipe for Morning Dawn. I see a lot of variations and none of them have exact measurements. I don't care about the vein. I just want to get the colors right. Is there anyone that has put out such a recipe? I want it as close to the Roboworm color as I can get.
  6. Kinda of new to all this. How are y'all welding a skirt to a grub like the old spider grubs?
  7. Guess I should have read their site a closer. Apparently you can buy samples from any mold they carry.
  8. Is any one on the forum that is making this bait. http://store.do-itmolds.com/3--4-Gorilla-Tube_p_183.html Would like to buy a pack before I spend the money on the mold? Thanks, Bart
  9. Gino, Yes, I'm the same Bart. Cool idea. Keep us posted on your progress. Are you going to have some kind of weight in it? Bart
  10. Gino, Good to see you on here. I have been lurking on here for some time. Love to tinker and paint. These guys do some amazing work! I have a sandblaster and have been blasting the paint off some of my old Spoonplugs and trying to come up with some cool designs. The shape of Spoonplugs does not make it easy. I know color doesn't matter to us Spoonpluggers but it's fun to see what kind of cool designs I can come up with. Bart
  11. Where do you guys get your polystyrene from? I found some online at home depot (don't know about the stores yet). Home Depot I also found a local source but don't know the price. What's the price I should be paying for a sheet? Spoonplugger
  12. Do you guys put more than one coat of Etex on?
  13. I saw the video here vaccum forming but it seems very jumpy. Does anyone know of any written instructions on how to make and achieve the vacuum forming?
  14. Thanks guys for the comments. I was wondering why there are so many expensive hinged swim baits and only a few crawfish baits. I'm definately looking into this one. Maybe his design was before his time? Spoonplugger
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