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  1. Yardape

    How To Firm Up Plastisol?

    I have a flapping craw trailer mold that when on the back of a jig and swam through the water the arms will fold back too far causing the arms to become entangled. I need to firm up the plastisol to gain a little separation between the arms, thanks guys for the replies
  2. Yardape

    How To Firm Up Plastisol?

    Besides hardener how can you make your plastic firmer? Will adding salt firm it up?
  3. Yardape

    Alumilite Clear

    Search Larry dahlburg and you will see a tab for lure building. He discusses molding processes explains the different properties of all the alumilite products there is even an " ask larry" section
  4. Yardape

    Selling Advice

    You can actually make good money selling your baits, since your working out of your home you will have MANY deductions, phone bill portion of your elect bill Internet service, vehicle depreciation, mileage, interest on your vehicle payment, fuel and MANY, MANYothers. The key for you is to keep VERY good records and organize your receipts. My accountant has saved me thousands just last year. I also fish tournaments and she takes care of this also. An accountant is work the money you pay them.
  5. Yardape

    Wiggle Wart Blanks

    Put a small amount of acetone on a towel and wipe it on the lip. The paint will come right off. I have stripped literally hundreds of pre-rapala warts and I don't sand I use acetone, it works great.
  6. Yardape

    Del Molds Shipping Issues?

    Anyone having any issues with Del? I ordered a mold (and paid for it on Friday haven't gotten any notification from him on shipment, delays or anything. I called there wend. and was told I would get a call from him that day and no call. Anyone else had any issues with them?
  7. Yardape

    Dn Question

    I've brush coated literally thousands of baits with DN. Not once have I had it get gummy or stringy. If not using bloxygen it will indeed begin to cure 'thicken' I pour appeox the amount I will use into a spray paint can bottom flipped upside down. Then brush on to baits, if your DN is getting thick it can be thinned with Acetone but if it is thickening in the storage bottle then the curing process has begun and the working life of what's left in the storage bottle is almost up.
  8. Yardape

    Predator Sinking Lipless And Rc 2.5s?

    I am one of Jim's larger customers and have purchased and sold hundreds of his baits. First off he is a ROCK SOLID person to deal with, he has the integrity to NOT sell you something not running correctly, has VERY fair prices. His eye selection is exceptional. He also carries split rings and his oval split rings are some of the best I have found. If you are not buying from Jim you are messing up great product great value and a super guy what else do you want. Thanks for the Superior service Jim!!! Tony R
  9. Yardape

    Predator Sinking Lipless And Rc 2.5s?

    These are great baits. The Sammy and the pop max and pop max jr. Are equally good baits as well.
  10. Yardape

    Megabass Vision110 "knock Offs"?

    Me as well please, Thank you
  11. Yardape

    Sammy 100 Kos

    They are VERY good ko's at least the ones from Jim (predator baits) I have caught many fish with them
  12. Yardape

    Ko 1.5 And 2.5's

    Folks are getting varios companys in china to develop a mold then they have to purchase a min. Of 1000 baits this is why it is hush hush. They are paying for the mold.
  13. Yardape

    Clear Coat Swimbait

    On segmented swimbaits I brush on at least 3 coats of the original DN. Dipping won't work (seals the joints) and the epoxies are too thick at the joints.
  14. Yardape

    Kbs Diamondfinish Revisited: Who Sprays It?

    Shelf life is better than dn1 bloxygen has no effect on it it will thicken but I thin with acetone and it last a long time. The finish is great, hard and durable but the bubbles are unacceptable. My finish has to be perfect everytime and when using in very warm, humid environment I just couldn't achieve 100% perfection with it
  15. Yardape

    Kbs Diamondfinish Revisited: Who Sprays It?

    I have used KBS and have noticed the following; when applied during relative low humidity it is as good as DN1 but raise the humidity to over 50% and you get a bunch of bubbles, particularly around the eyes. I have tried many things to fix this issue to no avail. since I live in Arkansas where we normally have fairly high humidity I have stopped using kbs and went back to 2 coats of DN1 and then etex or 2ton for a final clearcoat. I still don't understand the bubble issue with this product.