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  1. JayBee

    Dick Nite

    I like Dick Nites better than KBS. I just finished a quart of KBS, it's good, don't get me wrong, but DN is better. DN gets harder and has a slicker feel once hardened, and seems to go on a little thinner than KBS. I also like the fact that DN penetrates into the paint and forms a monolithic( in the sense that it becomes unified with the paint) finish.
  2. JayBee

    Epoxy in crank-bait eyes

    An exacto knife works for me. Punch the tip of the blade through the epoxy and scrape it out of the hanger.
  3. JayBee

    Custom Crank Baits

    Yeah, it was an advertisement basically. There was another one on a different thread but that one was removed as well.
  4. JayBee

    Custom Crank Baits

    Looks like they removed the post before mine, anyways just being sarcastic. Sorry
  5. JayBee

    Custom Crank Baits

    Seems legit...
  6. JayBee

    Crankbait Fins

    Agreed, great channel. Lots of good info to be had on YouTube.
  7. JayBee

    Which Treble Hooks?

    Yep, VMC is good, I also use Mustad.
  8. JayBee

    Pulse 2

    That's a slick looking bait, nicely done especially after a 9 year layoff.
  9. JayBee


    That is a very nice walleye pattern. The drier sheet effect is very cool as well.
  10. JayBee

    Ideas on painting this pattern or similar

    I'll take a shot at this, I can't quite tell if that bait has a pearl white base or if it is clear (unpainted), but then I'd say it has a holographic scale sticker giving it the scale pattern. A little green on the cheek, and black kill dot on the shoulder. That's just my opinion on it, a larger picture would help though.
  11. JayBee

    KBS too thin?

    I recently decided to try KBS for the first time after primarily using Dick Nites, I dip mostly but have brushed a few jointed baits that I've done. I have to say I'm not overly impressed with the KBS. I think DN gets harder and over all is a slicker finish. I understand that the major draw to KBS is that it's easier to store but using bloxygen and sealing my dipping jars I would lose very little DN, thanks to the tips I gathered here from guys like Bob P amongst others. To me the superior finish of DN outweighs the loss of DN.
  12. JayBee

    YP PUM spf (3).JPG

    This reminds me of the old school Rapala foiled lures only better executed in it's details. Very nice work.
  13. JayBee

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    We've had snow in May before, an April blizzard is par for the course in Wisconsin.
  14. JayBee

    Trying to find a blank

    This isn't it? https://www.wlure.com/products/fishing-lures-blank-minnow-upm515
  15. JayBee


    Thanks, I shoukd have thought to check out the website.