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  1. Check out this video from Jekyll Baits on YouTube, seems like she achieves a similiar effect.
  2. I use Rustoleum as well, and like Mark let them dry overnight but I top coat with KBS and have zero issues with adhesion.
  3. It's certainly possible that your issue is contamination from the oils on your skin. I wear gloves whenever handling any primed or painted lure thst isn't clear coated. Another possibility is that your primer and airbrush paint aren't compatible, you didn't mention what you are using, just throwing that out there.
  4. JayBee


    Beautifully done, both versions.
  5. You can freehand the design on a block of wood or draw your design on paper, cut the design out and glue it on. You can find good videos on YouTube and the search feature on this site has tons of great information.
  6. I've used it in my airbrush and as long as you don't let it dry in the gun it cleans up exactly like their paint. I've never tried it as a top coat but I don't think it wouldn't be durable enough for that use.
  7. You can buy clear flicker shads at retailers or online. They come with split rings, hooks and eyes installed but it's not a big deal to take the rings and hooks off and to pop out the eyes before painting.
  8. Try Amazon or Ebay, they have various sets within your price range. This is a decent starter set imo. Createx Colors Airbrush Paint - 22 Colors and Cleaner - 2 oz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0115U439C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_Pq2rEb268WNB0
  9. Dinger and Predator have higher quality blanks than those other places you've listed in my experience. Great customer service as well.
  10. https://www.driftertackle.net/shop/drifter-tackle/believer/blanks-all-bait-styles/
  11. http://www.insanecustomstencils.com/, https://airsickstencils.com/index.php/
  12. JayBee


    I was told to try the slow dip method as a possible preventative to bubbles. All of those baits where cleared 7 days after painting, and I thoroughly heat set every coat of paint. I don't touch or handle any baits without nitrile gloves and then only if I have to. It's winter here in Wisconsin so the finishing and clearing occured in 70-73* degree temps and low humidity. I use bloxygen and suran wrap on my dip jar so it hasn't gone off, no bubbles, no trash on the bottom. This isn't my first go around with a mcu. I used DN pretty successfully before I thought I would give KBS a shot, it's
  13. JayBee


    I've been having issues with bubbles as well. Ive tried slowing the dip and retrieve speed to comical levels and I still get bubbles. Tried quick dipping to no avail. When I finish this batch of KBS I'm going back to DN.
  14. Very cool finish, it looks like it would take a long time to achieve that effect. Very unique as well.
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