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  1. JayBee

    KBS too thin?

    I recently decided to try KBS for the first time after primarily using Dick Nites, I dip mostly but have brushed a few jointed baits that I've done. I have to say I'm not overly impressed with the KBS. I think DN gets harder and over all is a slicker finish. I understand that the major draw to KBS is that it's easier to store but using bloxygen and sealing my dipping jars I would lose very little DN, thanks to the tips I gathered here from guys like Bob P amongst others. To me the superior finish of DN outweighs the loss of DN.
  2. JayBee

    YP PUM spf (3).JPG

    This reminds me of the old school Rapala foiled lures only better executed in it's details. Very nice work.
  3. JayBee

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    We've had snow in May before, an April blizzard is par for the course in Wisconsin.
  4. JayBee

    Trying to find a blank

    This isn't it? https://www.wlure.com/products/fishing-lures-blank-minnow-upm515
  5. JayBee


    Thanks, I shoukd have thought to check out the website.
  6. JayBee


    https://www.kbs-coatings.com/DiamondFinish-Clear.html Is this the version you guys are using? Looks like they offer a variety of different products.
  7. JayBee


    First holographic bait. Sorry for the poor photo.
  8. JayBee


    Crawfish pattern
  9. JayBee


    Thanks for the reply, I've done some reading of old threads but those mostly involved application and storage of KBS.
  10. JayBee


    Not to high jack the thread but, can you find KBS at any of the home improvement stores or do you order it online? I'm a Dick Nites guy but am interested in maybe trying KBS out.
  11. JayBee

    Anglerfish s-crank

    That paint is sick. Super creative, awesome execution.
  12. JayBee

    Flicker Shad

    I bought a bunch a few months ago. I hope they offer size 7's soon.
  13. JayBee

    Flicker Shad

    Check here for real Berkley Flicker Shad blanks in size 5. They come with split rings , hooks, and eyes. https://www.fishusa.com/product/Berkley-Blank-Flicker-Shad-Crankbait
  14. JayBee

    Spro LJ KO with CB Lip

    CB = Circuit board
  15. JayBee


    When prepping a bait that has a good coat of paint I scuff the finish with a Scotch Brite pad until it is uniformly dull, if the paint is damaged then I'll take sandpaper, usually 180 grit or 220, and remove the finish completely. It can be tedious work but good prep leads to a good finish