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  1. stratos201

    Devcon 2 Undercoating Issue

    Thanks for all the replies. I only use the blow torch to get the air bubbles out and its in a quick fan motion. I use the 5 minute for a quick set and usually make them in the evening and coat the next day. I will try a few drops of DA here in a couple days when I make some more lures. Like I mentioned before my epoxy has some age to it, so its not brand new off the shelf. I bought 3 9oz sets a couple years ago so I would have plenty. Its frustrating when you paint them and find tiny pin holes from the air bubbles.
  2. stratos201

    IMG 6014

    Bottom two are Bagleys..... one on left was just a recoat and one on right was a repaint. Top four are my own creation.
  3. stratos201

    Devcon 2 Undercoating Issue

    Ok, I have been on here for a few years and what a tremendous amount of information as well as great people willing to help out a fellow lure builder. After searching through past forums I wasnt able to find anything on the issue Im having. Im using light balsa from hobby lobby, I set my belly weights and hook hangers with devcon 5 min epoxy. I let that set up for at least a minimum of 24 hours, should have been good and cured by then, at least I think. When I go to seal the bait I use Devcon 2T and use a disposable artist brush to brush it on. I know through mixing you will get air bubbles and use a blow torch to get rid of them. The issue Im having is that Im getting air bubbles coming out of the balsa and not air bubbles from mixing. Before I even pick up the blow torch to remove any bubbles I can see them forming. There isnt alot of them but there is a few and I try to get them out as the D2T starts to set. I dont know about the rest of you guys using D2T but it sets up quicker then what it used too. Just wondering if it an epoxy issue or a wood issue? My D2T is a couple years old and stored in the garage, when using I always bring it up to room temp about 74 F. Sorry for being long winded, but just wanted to give all the information as possible, so I could get some good feed back. Thanks
  4. stratos201

    Question For The Experts

    Vodkaman/Dave.... thanks for your reply. Yes my lips are rounded and the lure has a tight wiggle, but not that hard thumping that I get from other custom baits that I have bought. Thats what brought me here, was tired of buying expensive custom balsa baits. Getting a scale is definitely on my list of things to do. I should add that the balsa body after being shaped and sanded, just bare wood is about 3/8 to 7/16 of an inch thick. By the time I add the top coat the lure measures approx. 1/2 thick. Your experiments that you have done, is something that Im going to have to try. I also thought that maybe I have the lip set in the lure too deep and possibly not on a steep enough of an angle. I would be interested in determining the bouyancy and using the right amount of ballast. I have also used the circuit board lips, square bills in two different sizes and also thumbnails. Im just wanting to get that hard thumping action that you get from commercial/custom baits........ I know it can be done. Thanks for all your help
  5. stratos201

    Question For The Experts

    I have built about 2-3 dozen crankbaits now, over a couple years and I am not satisfied with the action/vibration of my lures. All the components are pretty much the same that everyone else here uses except one..... and Im using light balsa from hobby lobby. Using 0.35-0.41 SS wire..... lexan and circuit board lips from lure parts online........ createx paint..... devcon2 and dick nite (original formula .... cant believe I have been able to preserve it for this long.... going on over a 1 1/2 years)..........the belly weight is 1/8oz . Lures measure about 2-2/14 inches in length and roughly about a 1/2 inch thick give or take 1/16th or 1/8. Im wanting more action and the only thing that I can think of is the balsa. I have read past posts about using medium density balsa/hard balsa, and the response was that it makes for a "livelier" bait. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. stratos201

    Wire For Balsa

    I have bought some soft tempered wire from Mc Master Carr. 0.041. Its very easy to work with.... can get a 1lb spool for a few bucks. I have also used SS welding wire 0.035 and havent had an issue. Used the welding wire just cause I work in a weld shop.
  7. stratos201

    Painted Eyes?

    Im with Bob, I use cotton swaps as well and it works great. You can trim the cotton off or leave it all on to make different sizes. Super easy!!!!
  8. stratos201

    LillyB Crankbaits.jpeg

    thank you
  9. stratos201

    Round wood bodies.jpeg

    First crack at some round balsa bodies.
  10. stratos201

    LillyB Crankbaits.jpeg

    Just some more cranks. Balsa, thru-wire, createx paint and DN topcoat.
  11. stratos201

    Got A Dumb Question ....

    I did a fire tiger in all createx flourescent paints, straight out of the bottle.
  12. stratos201

    Format Change

    Yeah something has changed. Tried to upload some new pics to the gallery with both the upload features and nothing. A good thing should be left alone.
  13. stratos201


    KVD 1.5 Repaint. Seems like this color scheme is hard to come buy since MR. Vandam won the classic on this color, so the rumor is. Thought they turned out well. Createx paint DN top coat
  14. stratos201

    My Craw pattern

    The stencil is nothing fancy. Its just a piece of packaging plastic..... like the boxes you get lures in. Cut it into a "J" and then painted each one on.
  15. stratos201

    My Craw pattern

    Actually it was my first time doing it as well. After all the wonderful information that the guys share here, I made a stencil and kept most of the paint on the stencil and just worked the paint over onto the lure. Wasnt all that hateful to do. The only way to learn is to just do Thanks for the compliment