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  1. I have been using Fine Sea Salt in senko sticks for years ,Stuff works great $1.00 for 2 lbs 99 cent store
  2. The point was to add all your cost before you count your money As a reply to another post that was removed And your Point??????????
  3. Hey, I have a Salamander 4", I'll make any color you want. It's my go to bait for bedding bass Contact: Ray Tombstone Baits Irbassnut@gmail.com
  4. I started by making my first swim bait in 95',an 11" wood ,hinged bait, my 1st trail I caught a 7.2 bass ,I still have the bait and have since caught over 50 fish on the bait ,with a 14.2 the biggest. I have moved on, no one could produce the bait for a price that would sell I went the plastic route,have made several of my own bait's and colors,and do make the big seller bait's Tried the web site routine with very little succes. Count your money at the end of the day while pouring for 10 hours and you don't make anything Right now I'm making enough to pay for the pastic and over head and clear $400.00 a month. Enough to pay for other crap. Most all the baits out there are just copies of someone else's bait's! I have 4 of my own bait's,made with Wallie world silicone molds. It's time to break away from the crowd and do your own thing and see where it lead's you. Good Luck to you Do your thing!!! Ray Tombstone Baits Stay away from Paymate
  5. Yamamotos cinnamon 1 to 2 drops LC brown to 12oz. plastic black flake to taste Very easy ,add purple flake and sell a bunch Throw in some blue flake and they go crazy for this color
  6. Hey! Any Body have a good non transparent red color? Need recipe, have 500 stik's going to Germany Thanks Ray
  7. Sorry guy's, I'm just an old fart who hate's change,leave a good thing alone and stop trying to reinvent the wheel! I'm still driving my 56 Chevy from High School!! Please!!! Get rid of the white back ground!!! Keep the good info coming! Thanks. Ray Tombstone Baits
  8. This new site sucks seems people can't leave a good thing alone Harder to navigate,and longer to upload need to find a better web master Sorry, it Sucks
  9. Zooms Trick Worm After much investigating of there Trick worm,Has anybody noticed that the bottom of the worm is NOT fromed like the top and takes on a hand poured design? I just went fishing with the worm and a double mold design,What a difference in action with the Zoom compared to a double formed worm. I caught more fish ! (6) on the Zoom than the double(2) There is something to be said about hand pours!!!!!! Ray Tombstone Baits
  10. Hello. Still woking with the silicon,The press mold seems to work the best. The colorant is for 2 reason's 1. It does seem to have some effect on the silicon as far as bubbles 2. It gives me a visal aid when stirring it up,I can tell if a get a good mix I tried nixing with just colorant any it did not work,it slowed down the drying process to 4 days!!! The water is the answer ,but the colorant still works,only a drop or 2 Good luck Ray Tombstone Baits
  11. The mold is still flexable and more like the molds you would make with a 2 part RTV AS for silver ,I don't know. You may want to stick with a solid color,Silver has some other stuff in it(not sure what)but it seems to seperate even with constant mixing. Good luck with it Ray Tombstone Baits:yay:
  12. Here is the number for LC 1-800 925 9088 Talk with Kim Straley She is nice and get you what you want Nice talking with you Nite Ray Tonbstone Baits
  13. Nice looking jerks You can probable use any blue color you have on hand Thay all have the same ingredents Ray Tombstone Baits
  14. It's just LC blue color,came up with the Idea becaus it was hard to see what I was pouring with the Clear or White. It changed the whole mold out come. And was much easier to pour. Try it you'll see the difference right away Ray Tombstone Baits
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