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  1. Kris

    Mesh for Scales

    I like using minnow nets you find at fishing dept. in Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, Academy. I just cut the netting off the handle.
  2. Kris

    devcon 2T epoxy?

    Been using Devcon 2T epoxy for years. I usually just brush on one coat.
  3. Does anyone know where you can purchase blanks like the one in the pic attached. It has the holographic look INSIDE the body NOT on the outside.
  4. Kris

    Need measurements

    I'm in need of the measurement of either a Cedar Run Outdoors or Dinger Baits 1.5 square bill. I 'm out of town and don't have any of my unpainted 1.5s with me. I look on supplier's sites but didn't find what I need. I need the measurement in inches from nose to tail (no lip), from top to belly. Pic shows what I need. Thanks.
  5. Kris

    CAD programing for fishing lures

    I decided a few months ago I wanted to learn CAD in order to create 3D stencils for painting my baits. I choose Fusion 360 and had no prior experience with CAD before this. Fusion 360 is free and powerfully. I won't scratch the surface of what Fusion 360 can do. I watched several YouTube videos to learn the basics. I ended up watching mostly videos by Lars Christensen. He is very good at explaining how to use Fusion 360. Here is a link to one of his videos for beginners...
  6. Looking to make some stencils using a Silhouette Cameo 3 cutter. Wondering does anyone know where you can purchase the White 10mil polyethelene stencil material. All i can find is the clear.
  7. Kris

    Cedar Run Outdoors Blanks

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes Cedar Run to restock there Out of Stock blanks?
  8. Did you get the Color Shift on sale? I haven't been able to find Color Shift for less than $3.99 for 2 oz. bottle and that's at Wal-Mart. JoAnn's Fabric were I am has them listed between $4.99-5.99 / 2 oz. bottle.
  9. What percentages do you use with the water, windex and future floor finish? The windex is ammonia free?
  10. Kris

    Blade Baits

    Where can you get good blade baits to paint? Those that paint blade baits do you just repaint over them or get blanks ready to paint?
  11. Question for those who use Folk Art craft paint ... what do you use to thin it with and percentages? I've read on other sites where some use windex, floor wax or water. I'm assuming the windex needs to ammonia free. Want to try spraying some of Folk Art Color Shift paints. I'm using a Iwata HP-CS AB.
  12. Question for those who have used these inks in their painting .... I read when these are used it was stated that Pledge Floor Care was sprayed on the bait to seal the inks. Is this step necessary? Will clear coating with D2 or KBS mess with the inks if you skip the Pledge step?
  13. Kris

    Ideas on painting this pattern or similar

    Welcome to the board! You can learn A LOT here. From what I can see from the pic looks like you can start with a holographic blank. To see what I'm talking about look at the holo blanks at Predator Bass Baits ... Can you post a bigger picture so its easier to see?
  14. Kris

    No More Masking Tape On Lip!

    Have you tried this yet with square bills? Tried it on square bill with no luck.
  15. Kris

    Using masking tape

    Blue Painter's tape. I get mine at Wal-Mart or Lowe's. Low tack and works great. Never had a problem with.