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  1. Does anyone know how you go about painting this pattern? I'm assuming its done using either/both a stencil or netting. Thanks.
  2. Was wondering if anyone here uses one these AB to paint. Iwata Pistol Trigger or the Iwata Mini. How do they compare to the convential dual action ABs?
  3. Need Help Indentifying This Rebel

    I got some better close up pics of the bill. Still can't make out what it says. My friend said he bought it a Bass Pro in the last couple of years. He said he thought it was a Rebel Mini R.
  4. Need Help Indentifying This Rebel

    I don't have the actual lure in hand. The pics I posted are the pics that were sent to me. All I can tell from the pic is the the lip has "Rebel (?) R" on it. The Rebel and the R are visible...the word before the R is not very readable in pic. The 2nd pic shows the lip.
  5. Which Rebel R lure is this? Been ask to find some and paint for a person. Thanks.
  6. Another Devcon 2 Question

    Been using D2T since I started painting. I just squeeze out lines of equal length and then mix. Haven't had a problem with this method yet.
  7. D2T Multiple Coats ...

    I'm wanting to clear some RC 1.5 KOs first with D2T before painting to create a smooth surface like found on KVD 1.5s. Then I would apply a 2nd coat of clear after painting. I was wondering if the weight of multiple coats of D2T would change the action of the crankbait. Also, how many coats of D2T do you suppose you can apply to a crankbait before it begins to have an effect on the crankbait?? Thanks.
  8. Method For Fixing Small Blemish

    After sanding out the blemish I'm left with a "dull" flat shine where the blemish was. Someone suggested using car wax to polish out the "dull" shine. I'm using D2T...wondering if a wax or polish would work on expoxy. Any thoughts???
  9. Wanted to know if anyone had a method for fixing small blemishes in clear coat? There are times when I get a really good clear coat but there may be a small air bubble or trash that I missed. I usually just sand down the blemish with very fine wet sandpaper and then clear coat again. Looking for a way to fix blemish without having to apply 2nd clear coat. Thanks.
  10. Making A Stencil

    What thickness of material do y'all suggest? I tried vacuum forming a couple of stencils but failed. I think my material was too thick.
  11. I have built a simple vacuum forming machine and was wondering what the HP of the shop vac should be? I hooked up a 4hp shop vac and it didn't seem to pull a lot air (vacuum) through holes on top of vacuum box. I was wondering if the 4hp is enough to form the plastic around the bait. Thanks for the help ....
  12. Red Hooks

    I have seen my brother and I fish the exact same bait with the same pattern and colors. I couldn't get a bite while my brother was pulling them in. Difference .... he had a red hook on the front. I've made the change while fishing and started catching fish after replaced hook with a red one. We were fishing around 4-6 feet. Don't know if the red hook made the difference or not.
  13. Need Your Opinion

    bassguy... What is 'CL' ?
  14. I have a Central Pneumatic 3 gal. compressor from Harbor Freights and I'm using it indoors. Was wondering if there are any good tips / ideas on how to dampen sound made from compressor. I know there is sound dampening material you can buy but looking for ideas that won't cost $50 or more. Thanks.