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  1. I would suggest contacting Predator, that would be my first step.
  2. What are you posting, and have you read the rules to make sure it isnt violating them? Maybe PM a mod or admin and they can fill you in. Maybe its being moved to another section if your posting in the wrong one.
  3. Perch, Firetiger, Perch, Ask for a pic of the local shad, and suckers.
  4. I have a family member who works at a place that supplies a lot of things for commercial places. They offer a UV resistant 2 part epoxy floor coating that is crystal clear and has a great shine to it. Some local schools used it on their basketball courts. I am gonna see if he can hook me up with some. I will let you know how that works.
  5. Couldnt you add a bunch of thin top coats with spray lacquer? I use clear lacquer spray in between each coat and prime with white lacquer. I think the lacquer builds depth in between the colors.
  6. Have any of you guys fished these baits? How is the action?
  7. I have learned a lot reading here, Thx for the awesome ideas everybody. When I get better (good enough to give tips lol) I will try and help people with painting and building all I can.
  8. +1 whats the netting material called?
  9. Will it cost extra to put and "r" bend in the wire? I may be interested in some of these. Also would it be possible to get a few non painted? Edit: Forgot I would want them in the .035 super stainless also Pm me the answer please.
  10. I dont know where you live, but here in the Toledo Ohio area, we have a place called Kenkraft. They have a ton of different types of wood. http://www.kencraftcompany.com/
  11. That is really good, I hear when trout are dieing their gills flair out. I had a trout bait that I put red pipe cleaner on its gills so it looked like it was dieing, I wish that stupid pike wouldnt have stolen it lol!
  12. Do it Best epoxies are made by devcon. We have a local store and the owner told me they are made by devcon, I got picked up some 60 minute to try out.
  13. I use a combo of createx pearl blue,white and transparent brown
  14. Can you dye the stuff b4 you pour it in the molds? Also how much would you charge for some floaters?
  15. Ive been wondering this as well, I fish the maumee every year since I live a whole 5 minutes from it!
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