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    Chronic reader. Mostly Si-fi but some biographies. Obviously fishing. I like fishing for Musky,Pike, and Bass. I make fishing lures daily and have a pretty nice studio. For the first time in my life I have built in venting for the lead pot. I like playing my 1960 Conrad bass guitar. I am not good at it but I have a good time with it. I'd like to say that I draw but I cannot. So , I doodle. Not the same old tired shapes you see over and over again. I mainly do pointlism. And I write fiction off and on.

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  1. How much for the hooks?

  2. 1,000 Eagle Claw LS570BP (Lazer Sharp Black Platinum) 1/0 new in the box
  3. Thank you for the advice, I kinda thought I’d revert to the dreml
  4. I think there is a specific wire cutter for trimming the tag end after finishing a loop. Look at the photo, that’s a manufacturer’s end cut. I cannot get that close. Anyone know what that wire cutters name would be? Thank you for helping me out
  5. None of them have ever been in the water. They are new but have been accumulating over the years. I have been tying for more than fifty years. No rust on any, like new. Powder painted. I will also throw in the box of VMC Hamecons. Size? Not marked on box, my guess is 4/0 I would expect you to pay shipping in the amount of $7.80 I would be happy to trade all these for jig hooks, no bronze though. Sizes: 1/0, 2/0, or 3/0 The photos have the head styles and brands . Most have the keeper flattened. Question? Feel free to ask . Photos didn’t work. I can email them or text them if you are inter
  6. Yes, you are right. A Do-It Teardrop head. I quit using their Minnow head mold because in order for me to get the collar looking like I wanted it to when the jig was finished I filed the lead down to less than half of its original diameter. The Teardrop head is more forgiving. I can have the thread creep up the backside of the head as much or as little as I want in order to get the collar ties length to my liking. I also use Do-It Round, Sparky, Walleye, Football, and Aspirin heads for 90% of my tying. Occasionally I will use a Bullet nose/Mushroom head mold.
  7. Thank you. It's always nice to get feedback on your work.
  8. I tie a lot of jigs and tying the same patterns over and over gets pretty boring. While working on orders I had a couple of ideas and decided to put the work aside and create something different from the rabbit strip jigs I routinely make. The jigs in the photo are basic bucktails with some feathers and flashabou. They are Pike jigs so I tied them fairly long, approx. six inches. Feel Free to comment and use the patterns if you'd like
  9. jigtier


    Rabbit hair Perch . I used a minnow head and powder coated it with a technique I have developed over the years. There are four different colors of paint and some glitter. Five coats of clear finish. No two paint jobs are the same. There in an orange piece of rabbit on the belly and fire tiger holographic flashabou on the flanks. The length of the jig is approximately six inchs
  10. I will trade/swap jig heads or hair jigs for soft lead
  11. Last year I was asked to make a few Christmas ornaments from hair jigs. This is what I came up with. I made one today for a friend. anyone else make an ornament?
  12. I use a spoon that has very thin cup . Thinner the better. You can throw the powder or use the edge to pick up a thin line of pain. Tap it onto the head for stripes. I am going to try a hypodermic new level with a 60 gauge needle. Hopefully it will draw up the powder. Hope this helps i will try to add a couple of photos
  13. FYI Zman, the originator of the Chatterbait contacted me and said I was violating their patent. They pretty much demanded that I stop making them. Mine are up to 13inchs long and have no plastic in them at all. I sold them to pike fishermen for about 6 years. I quit making them. I'll see if I can attach a photo. Or you could go to. jensenjigs.com and look at some. I get the feeling I could keep making them if I chose. I see quite a few Companies selling them on the web and theirs look an awfull,lot like the Zman Chatterbait. Anyone know anything about Zman and their little crusade to stop
  14. jigtier

    Heavy Black Fiber Guards

    I need a few hundred Heavy black fiber guards, F-30 I think. I'll trade jig hooks, jig heads, I have over 30 molds. Chances are I have the head style you want. Many different hook brands and styles. I can powder paint them too.
  15. I use clear nail polish on the first wraps under my tying material. The best clear high gloss finish I have found is called "Hard As Hull" 3 to 4 coats. Very high gloss. I purchase it from "Hareline Dubbin" -Paul
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