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  1. BBK


    They are legit company. I've not seen the malware warning so no clue about that. They are china though, takes a couple weeks for delivery.
  2. BBK

    Clear Coating

    Stick a tooth pick or wooden skewer through the hook eyes before the epoxy sets.
  3. BBK

    BTS Molds Shipping

    What a coincidence!
  4. BBK

    Source for Lead Jigs

    Top one is a moon glow, lure parts online has them unpainted for cheap. Middle is either a 4mm or 5mm tungsten jig, hard to find this time of year but run about $1-$1.20 ea now on ebay in USA. $0.50-0.75 if you buy from china, long wait though. Bottom looks to be a custom mold, never seen one like it.
  5. BBK

    Clear Coating

    The createx clear isn't really a clear top coat. Not a protective clear coat I mean. It's used to put a clear layer over your paint so your colors don't run and to add shine to things that don't get abused or touched... such as decorative items. I use it to mix powders in and to cut paint. Be careful with aerosol clears, a lot of them will react to plastic (clear boxes or soft plastic lures) so they aren't good for many lures. Most people use epoxy because its quick, easy, doesn't require a ton of money invested, can be bought at any hardware store, and doesn't have an odor. KBS diamond coat is another very popular top coat, its easier to use than epoxy because you literally just dip your lure in it and hang it to dry instead of needing a lure turner. But it is temperamental with storage and is quite expensive to buy, although a can goes a long way. Be careful where you buy it, you want to get fresh stock so it has the longest shelf life. I order direct from KBS, they ship quick and you are assured you get current stock. Here's a coupon link if you decide to order from them, 15% off. Just follow the link and hit the blue "visit KBS coatings" and it will add the discount to your cart. You want the DiamondFinish Clear
  6. BBK

    Blade bats

    Rustoleum clear spray. But you should paint the brass ones, the nickel ones will not hold your paint well. Scratch up the brass ones with some 240 grit and paint away.
  7. BBK

    Auto clear top coat

    Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Maybe your KBS was too thick and is puddling because it is taking so long to cure the thick coating? I've done a few suspending baits and quite a few rogues, never noticed any difference.. actually I noticed a huge difference with epoxy adding so much weight, but KBS acted just like factory.
  8. BBK

    Kbs which formula???

    Looks like the same stuff just different label, maybe old stock. Maybe scan that QR barcode on a smartphone and see what it says, probably leads you to the instructions and safety for the current KBS diamond.
  9. BBK


    I do a lot of freehand dots, and I screw up some here and there too. Thin your paint WAY down and spray at a low psi (8-10 or whatever the lowest your brush can do with that paint). Barely let any paint out and do a circular motion with the brush. You can always heat set and go back over the spot again if you are confident on aiming the brush, that's the hardest part to be honest. If you try to spray too much paint you'll get a run, if you try to spray at too high of PSI you'll get it blown all over the place. As for the large spatter, you may have too big of a tip or letting too much paint out, with what shading you are trying to do (bright over light and just a shade not a stripe or heavy layer) I would be using a 0.2 needle.
  10. BBK

    Kbs which formula???

    I have no idea what you have, maybe an old container that is labeled different? Can you show us a picture? This is what you want, first line in the description says "Formulated to Apply Directly Over Other Coatings or Direct To Metal (DTM)!" Here is a coupon link for 15% off. Click the blue "visit kbs coatings" and it will apply it to your cart
  11. BBK

    show me your fixtures for ice jigs

    Yeah I will never get it. I build my own rods, make my own jigs, pour my own weights, custom paint my own lures, used to make my own plastics but I don't have the time anymore... I'll never understand the feeling of catching something on my own lure..... There is a limit to what I am willing to waste my time on though, and making an ice jig that I can buy for pennies is it. I buy them by the thousand and paint. There was a thread someone made a while back about making their own split rings, you should give that a shot too!
  12. BBK

    Drop shot swivel problem

    Yes, that is why I quit making them. Rather buy them then be frustrated with the non spinners, all the grip swivels I bought were about the same.
  13. BBK

    Auto clear top coat

    They dont say. I'd guess some sort of lacquer though judging how thin they are and how easy they chip and flake off.
  14. BBK

    Joining stainless wire

    As bladesandbaits said, you need to wrap the SS wire with some thin copper wire, add some flux, and solder away (use silver solder, or the highest flow solder you can find) The copper can just be out of old wiring you may have, even old charging cords or speaker wire.. Just strip it down and wrap it around until you have an even layer on your SS wire joint. If you youtube search "magic muskie hook" you should be able to find where Larry Dahlberg uses this technique to add a SS loop to a hook shank.
  15. BBK

    Patents You can search the patent numbers here to get the images and more detail.