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  1. BBK

    Shake it mold + hooks

  2. BBK

    Basstackle Ftw

    Maybe you should do the same? the topic was about customer service not molds. You seemed to change it to your mold purchases, so why cant I ask about your "coloring" and "fleck" purchases?
  3. BBK

    Basstackle Ftw

    Then how do you get colorant and flake?
  4. BBK


    I have, several times. If you have never done it, then dont tell me what happens. I KNOW what happens, because I do it. There is no danger in it, it just messes up your plastic for a while. Someone people get crazy with the myths around here. I have actually added water straight to burnt (380º) plastic to see what would happen. Of course there were safety precautions I took, but none the less I am one of the very few who have actually tried it. I can assure you there is no explosion, and it is NOTHING like adding water to hot oil or lead.
  5. BBK

    Basstackle Ftw

    Basstackle and bears are the only two that I have NEVER had a problem with.
  6. BBK


    Not true at all. I have used food coloring many times, my favorite color uses food coloring actually. It bubbles sort of like carbonated water, then after a couple minutes you are good to go. There is no explosion, and never will be unless you add it to lead.
  7. BBK


    I use bears and lurecraft. The caney creek being more concentrated is BS. It is (or was) just MF repackaged and marked up.
  8. BBK

    Linmar Fishing?

    I just cant get past pouring plastic inside plastic and not having problems in the long run. I saw the beaver molds on ebay, wont be long until RI shuts that down. Those guys need to read up on patent infringement, last I looked they had a lot of molds of copied baits on ebay.
  9. BBK

    How Much Would Be Too Much

    The average profit per stick is about $0.10 in this market. You would have to sell 6000 sticks to break even. For the guy that is going to make 6000 sticks, for the "average basement pourer" with 1 mold that would be over 8 hours of constant pouring to break even. That 8 hours does not figure in demolding. So if we figure that one mold the "basement pourer" has takes 3 minutes to cool, that is an additional 75 hours. So it will take well over 80 hours of pouring to pay it off for the average home guy with one mold, but wait this is not taking into count the time it takes for the plastic to heat.. so add more time. Now most people are going to say, guys that sell them have more than one mold. Yup, you are right. But guys that sell them are also going to want at least a half gallon capacity bare minimum. Its caught between two markets. One- the guy who pours for himself which is going to take years to pay off. Or Two- the guy who pours for profit and this machine is not set up for him.
  10. BBK

    How Much Would Be Too Much

    The 2.5 cup was the big downfall for me. I can pour 2.5 cups in about 5 minutes. I wouldn't want to wait another 10-15 minutes for it to heat another batch, then pour for 5 minutes and have to wait another 10-15 minutes. The biggest downfall for marketability is that hand pour sticks are a think of the past. Now that everyone is offering injection molds there is no need to hand pour. You can inject sticks with higher salt content and get perfect baits every time, much faster than hand pouring. Not to mention you can buy bears complete presto system for what, $200 I think it is? With that you can put a half gallon of plastic in there and pour perfect sticks one after another just as fast as your $600 machine. Plus you can use it to make baits other than sticks. Like I said before, you missed the mark by about 5 years. 5 years ago I bet those things would fly off the shelves. Now, not so much.
  11. BBK

    Big Grub Questions (first Timer)

    6oz per bait sounds about right, I was thinking 4-6oz each. A 10" grub is FREAKING HUGE. Heck I only used to get 5 per cup with the old 5" grub I had, I expect a 10" to be way more plastic. Expect to pour one bait every 20-30 minutes if you only have one cavity. It will take at least that long for it to cool. a 5.6" creek chub shaped jerkbait I molded takes nearly 15 minutes to cool and it is not even close to the size of a 10" grub. You probably couldnt get them done for any less than 1.50 bare minimum. If you use glow powder, figure that into your cost. You will need about 1/4tsp per cup. Glow powder isnt cheap, 1oz is not much powder at all. Maybe 15 baits max, so that's another $0.25 each added on to your price. You wont make them cheaper than store bought, but you will have the satisfaction of catching a fish on your hand made lure. Plus you will never run out of your favorite color, and maybe you can create a custom color that those fish have never seen. You have to figure out how much all of that means to you, to see if it is worth doing.
  12. BBK

    Big Grub Questions (first Timer)

    It is going to be a long time before you will see a big savings with a bait like that. You will likely be able to produce them for about $1.50 each. For the mold, you need to decide what you want to do. You can make a one piece mold but it will be flat on one side and you will likely not be able to sell them. Or you can make a 2pc pour mold and probably be able to sell them, but they wont look nearly as good as the kalins. It is very tricky to get a grub mold to come out well without going injection. You will need 5 gal of plastic to make them that cheap, $150 You will need a microwave, can find one at a garage sale or buy new for about $30 You will need pyrex measuring cups to make the plastic in, $2-10 each You will need the supplies, dyes, glow powder, worm oil, salt if you want it, bags. $50-100. You need mold material, if you are going to sell them you will probably need to make it out of resin or RTV and do injection molding. You will probably need at least 1 can per cavity if you are doing 1 pc. So $60 ish. Injector if you want to make them look professional, you will need a large- $60-70 So you are looking at about $350 on the very cheap end, probably a lot more.
  13. BBK

    How Much Would Be Too Much

    Top pour 2pc alum molds.
  14. BBK

    Inline Spinner - Blades Not Turning

    With those little spinners, I doubt you would ever have a problem with folded clevises.
  15. BBK

    Pestor Pot Mixer?

    I used a 12vDC motor, I think it is 25 rpm and 21# torque. It works great. I used bears paddles (you can buy them off bears baits site). I have seen the 2 blade ones and they do not mix the plastic half as well as bears 4 blade.