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  1. BBK

    Best chartreuse airbrush lacquer

    More flo yellow over white base
  2. BBK

    Best chartreuse airbrush lacquer

    Flo yellow createx is what I use. The green at the head is flo green, spray that over the yellow in a light coat for a green chartreuse.
  3. BBK

    Glitter nail polish

    Nail polish is acetone based, may mess with some paints or even your plastic blank. I found out the hard way...
  4. BBK

    Chatterbait technique

    You open the hook eye after you demold the jig. That way if it breaks you just dunk the lead and toss the hook. If opens then you move on and paint. Youll rarely break one while closing.
  5. BBK

    Clear Coat

    I started with that. Didnt hold up at all. Sally hansen hard as nails is better but its really time consuming.
  6. Createx 4012 is just butoxy ethanol and water, it thins about anything that doesnt need to be desolved.
  7. I use the createx iridescent blue over black to make a cool color shifting purple. The key is LIGHT COATS until you get the desired effect.
  8. BBK

    Clear Coat

    I picked up some cs seal coat and that seems to be working well. I will look into the UV stuff but I really need to be able to work indoors.. around here it could be 75 and 50% humidity, 95 with 80% humidity or -20 and snowing depending on the time of year.. indoors and climate controlled is the only way i can stay consistent.
  9. BBK

    Blade Baits

    Blade bait
  10. BBK

    Which Treble Hooks?

    Vmc 9651 and vmc rings as well. Very nice mid-range hook.
  11. BBK

    Blade Baits

    Ive bought from cadman on here before I believe. Other than that I bought the mold and blades a few years ago and poured 1000 then sold it. I havent ran out yet
  12. BBK

    Spraying powder paint!

    You definitely dont want to use rattle can and fingernail polish, the acetone will react with the paint. Learned that a few years ago.
  13. BBK

    Spraying powder paint!

    Doesnt look like it unfortunately. I looked all over the google and couldnt find any white etching primer. I tossed 20 jig heads in a block vise i made and hit them with the gray, then some rustoleum flat white spray I had. They seem to have taken the paint well, now I have to paint some up and see if they hold. Even using two paints, its cheaper than spraying a createx white base on each one. And about 100 times faster.
  14. BBK

    Spraying powder paint!

    So this may be a dumb question, but the primer you guys are using is gray right? Thats all my local hardware store had in self etching. They had some regular clean metal primer in white
  15. BBK

    Clear Coat

    Airbrushing some walleye jigs with createx, what clear coat do you guys use? I used d2t for bass jigs but there is no way i can do that in quantity.. plus it will yellow over the light colored white/flourescent jigs from my experience. Kbs? That may be the best route I think, but will it be durable enough for bouncing in rocks?