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  1. thanks smalljaw and toadfrog, that is precisely the info I needed.
  2. Thanks, didn't think these feathers would cost so much.
  3. Looking for source of dye feathers for making trolling feathers. I'm also unsure what kind of feather to use. Thanks
  4. Another source https://www.ottofrei.com/Castaldo-Econosil-Price-Per-Lb they have whole line of castaldo mold making supplies. Wonder where I can get a bigger frame than the standard 2 x 3 inches? Thinking of making one using square aluminum tubing 2 x2 inches ... Also I have t-shirt press which supplies heat and pressure, not sure how well that would work. Great video Mad Moose.
  5. Heat the spring pins with a lighter ... and it will melt into the elaztech ... Insert the heated pin and twist.
  6. jcool3

    Sebile Vibrato

    vibratos are lead jigs with center tie and hooks on each end. They fall horizontally and vibrate like crazy. I fished them in 3 sizes for rockfish and they didn't fish any better than other jigs. Lot more resistance cranking them in because of the design and center tie. Available in sizes up to 10 oz. Bottom line: nothing special, more work to fish.
  7. yes, baby powder makes all the difference. Dust the inside of the mold before each pour
  8. Update I mentioned that rubbing too hard when applying the foil would ruin the holographic effect. I now figured out why. The foil is not solid.Rubbing too hard causes the etex to ooze thru the foil, covering parts of the foil ... So recommend a single thin coat of etex on the jig. Thicker or double coats make it more likely for the etex to ooze thru. Of course waiting for the etex to cure, stay on the jig and still be tacky is a prerequisite. I also experimented with different ratios of etex resin vs harderner - up to 25% more of less resin vs harder. Took a little longer to cure, but didn't seem to remain tacky much longer. Sometimes lures remain tacky - I couldn't duplicate that and I suspect that lures remaining tacky is the result of improper mixing, not proportions,
  9. I used plumber's lead in roll form ... good stuff.
  10. tire weights aren't lead anymore for the most part
  11. Tried the etex method on Kingsley hot stamping foils sold by dc kelley on ebay. Works great, as good as nail art transfer foil. About 95% transfer. The 2 foils look very similar in thickness and the way they are put together. I let the etex cure about 7 1/2 - 8 hours before adding the foil.
  12. Interesting, what layer is under the foil and what foil is this. Foodsaver? The details you are getting is pretty awesome. Bare lead?
  13. I think it is harder for any adhesive to stick to bare lead than to etex. Like to see you try your adhesive on top of a layer of etex. there are many kinds of transfer foil of which I am not familiar with, but some holographic foils, the holograph can be destroyed by heat. Probably the nail holographic foils I use would be sensitive to heat. I found also that if you rub too hard, you damage the hologram. The kingsley holographid hot stamping foils sold on ebay by dc kelly would probably be more heat resistance although I cannot verify this.
  14. I'm sticking with the method I described above for a couple reasons: 1) Every layer on the lead jig is etex and I know etex bonds with etex. (not using powder paint or anything else) 2)Other adhesives will stick to foil no problem, but will it stick to etex? I tried 3M SprayMount, Aleene's tacky glue and they do not stick well to the etex layer, therefore getting poor foil adhesion as a result. Have not tried spray 77 or 99 or the binder - they need to be tested on how well they stick to etex 3) I can mix etex with neon micas and glow powder to finish off the lure. I can write on etex with oil based sharpies or gel pens to add dots and stripes.
  15. You may be right about the transfer issue. I have some 3M spray and I will try it soon. Do you wait until the spray adhesive is dry before you apply the foil?
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