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  1. Custom Clamshells

    Can anyone suggest a company that makes custom clamshells. The clamshell that is needed is for a swimbait. The type needed will help keep the swimbait form for retail displays, not just the drop in type used for hard baits. I have found a couple but set up fees are high IMO.
  2. Swimbaits

    They are a resin hand pour, when they where a production bait they retailed for around $225 maybe $250. I wouldn't say it is excessive because that is not what the manufacture retailed the bait for, $300 to $600 is what anglers are paying for second hand baits.
  3. 7" Swim Baits

    Nice looking baits. Is this your mold or a mass produced mold?
  4. Nathan

    Prayers sent, get well Nathan!!
  5. New Here!

    I did a search to all your questions, but the search brought me back to a thread here telling me to search the answers to your question. So I did and I ended up on this thread again. lol
  6. threadfin shad pattern

    Wow!!! Very nice Gabriel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Douglas, here is the Hinkle two piece glide. Some refer as the trick trout. Do you feel this is not a long glide???
  8. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    My Saiko tuned Deps 250 is weighted slightly nose down. Half of tail section above water, nose slightly under water. I should add, this bait is a slow/super slow sinker.
  9. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    250, has no weight in the tail section.
  10. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    If I can achieve any thing close to this I'm happy.
  11. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Deps 250 have a 4' glide and a few others with a turn of the reel and no rod action.
  12. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Sorry not into to tail, but as far back as possible. Baits swim very stable, at slow and fast speeds, very happy with travel of the glides.
  13. New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    ^^^ 3/4 of an inch from the front of the bait^^^ correction.