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  1. IronBass


    Very nice!
  2. IronBass

    Custom Clamshells

    Can anyone suggest a company that makes custom clamshells. The clamshell that is needed is for a swimbait. The type needed will help keep the swimbait form for retail displays, not just the drop in type used for hard baits. I have found a couple but set up fees are high IMO.
  3. IronBass


    They are a resin hand pour, when they where a production bait they retailed for around $225 maybe $250. I wouldn't say it is excessive because that is not what the manufacture retailed the bait for, $300 to $600 is what anglers are paying for second hand baits.
  4. IronBass

    7" Swim Baits

    Nice looking baits. Is this your mold or a mass produced mold?
  5. IronBass


    Prayers sent, get well Nathan!!
  6. IronBass

    New Here!

    I did a search to all your questions, but the search brought me back to a thread here telling me to search the answers to your question. So I did and I ended up on this thread again. lol
  7. IronBass

    threadfin shad pattern

    Wow!!! Very nice Gabriel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Douglas, here is the Hinkle two piece glide. Some refer as the trick trout. Do you feel this is not a long glide???
  9. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    My Saiko tuned Deps 250 is weighted slightly nose down. Half of tail section above water, nose slightly under water. I should add, this bait is a slow/super slow sinker.
  10. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    250, has no weight in the tail section.
  11. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    If I can achieve any thing close to this I'm happy.
  12. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Deps 250 have a 4' glide and a few others with a turn of the reel and no rod action.
  13. IronBass

    New Swimbait - Gliding Problems/weighting

    Sorry not into to tail, but as far back as possible. Baits swim very stable, at slow and fast speeds, very happy with travel of the glides.