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  1. Erick

    Powder Painting Crankbaits

    Hey guys just getting going on the site here. I have got into melting/pouring my own light sonar/blade baits I pitch to shallows for spring time Red Wing, MN eye's. I now am curious if it is possible to heat a crank bait enough to powder paint them without warming the bill. Then to also be able to cure them with heat as well after to finish the paint. I have a sneaking hunch no unless I use an epoxy to finish the final coat?
  2. Erick

    Cure help

    Cleaning whise now that I think of it we didnt do much....I sprayed on enamel out the can I do believe after for a finish and it actually made it kinda cloudy when dried as well.
  3. Erick

    Cure help

    Alright did my first round ever of airbrush work on my baits and it went so so......They baits turned out awsome for looks and what not but the issue is the paint never did set and i could peel it back with a thumbnail slightly. I am painting blades metal/lead i scuffed it an also added a coat of adhesive to help it stick. I did not cure each color after every coat of paint I gave it a shot of the heat gun at the end not sure how long I need to cure them for. Or should i give up on the createx water based air brush paint and try the model ennamel paint I have and add some thinner an airbrush with that instead? Any input would be awsome i am very very new to this and trying to establish the paint ennamel, acrylic, ect type paint i need to begin with!
  4. Erick

    Painting metal baits?

    I should also add I am using createx water based paints.
  5. Erick

    Painting metal baits?

    Hey guys bought my first airbrush last night for painting blade baits. My question is this for my primer I had planned to use white paint. I bought the water based paint and when I sprayed my first coat on this morning when it was dry it peeled right off. Wondering if I need to scuff it up or possibly use oil based instead? Sorry for the simple question just trying to get on my feet with this project and plan to do cranks down the road once i get a feel for this and get some basic skills down. Thanks for the input an help in advance!