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  1. pabassman

    Hook sizes

    Thanks all.
  2. pabassman

    Hook sizes

    Thanks. I can deal with that. BTW I enjoy your videos.
  3. pabassman

    Hook sizes

    Yes, you are correct. Stupid finger lol.
  4. pabassman

    Hook sizes

    Question for anyone using Do-It mold FBW-4 AW. Hook size calls for 3/0-4/0. Have you gotten away with a smaller hook. I would like to use a 1/0-2/0 for finesse jigs. My concern would be excessive flah with a smaller hook. Thanks.
  5. pabassman

    Heads Up - Stolen Credit Card

    I had an issue like this about a year ago. I have a habit of checking my account online at least twice a week. I am in Pa and I saw an odd charge on my card. Items were bought online and shipped to Georgia. I found the company online and contacted them. They were quite helpful. I got a name and address from them. I contacted my CC company and gave them all the info. All costs were reimbursed for me. Yeah I had to waitg a week for a new card but it worked out well. I hope you have the same success.
  6. pabassman

    Lakeland Vs Worth Swivels

    I got some Mustad roller swivels and HD split rings. We fished Friday night and got 13 bass on spinnerbaits and lost NO blades. Its a good start. A few more tests coming.
  7. pabassman

    Lakeland Vs Worth Swivels

    Thanks. I will try some. Also gonna try a few of the roller swivels. They come without rings too so I will try a heavier ring.
  8. pabassman

    Lakeland Vs Worth Swivels

    I'm having the same problem as you Tapupa. Sometimes the blade/swivel other times I come back with a swivel but no blade or splitring. I'm using LPO spinnerbait swivels. I'm not losing to many willows but the size 6- 8 deep cup colorado for night baits are the problem for me. Anybody have any ideas?
  9. pabassman

    Information On How To Burn Your House Down.

    Great story, I can laugh because I had an incident a couple months ago.Mine wasn't quite as intense but my family was home. Haven't poured since.
  10. pabassman

    Spinnerbait Heads

    right now mainly bullet head - unpainted - 1/2oz-.040 r bend wire. Stupidity on my part. I only pour for myself and 2 friends. I didn't set up my usual pouring table. Slight bump knocked the pot over. I was in the garage when it happened. No damage or injuries, just a bit scarey. My son was outside and heard @&$#$^*^%!$, he looked in the ratted me out to mom! LOL
  11. pabassman

    Spinnerbait Heads

    Had a near miss Tuesday while pouring some heads. Wife not happy. Does anybody make and sell spinnerbait heads?
  12. pabassman

    Painting Spinnerbait Heads

    Thanks again guys. Been working a lot lately. I'm going to try painting later this week. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. pabassman

    Painting Spinnerbait Heads

    thanks guys.
  14. pabassman

    Painting Spinnerbait Heads

    Hello. I'm new to the site. I've checked it out many times but this is my first post. I have a question about powder painting heads with recessed eyes. Do you need to clean out the eye socket before installing a stick in 3D eye?
  15. pabassman

    Bulk Skirts

    I have used Barlows for years. I just tried and was very pleased with both the quality and service.