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  1. For awhile I was finishing rapid prototypes and using them to make silicone molds... and rapid prototypes have build lines all through it - so required alot of sanding. If you really want to super smooth - you'll probably need to use a auto primer (spray can is fine) and wet sand down in steps from 240 to a 1000 grit - even finer if your picky. Even at 600 grit you'll still see lines picked up with a silicone mold - silicone is unforgiving and is usually formulated to pick up the fine details. I'd wax/buff the hell out the to part create a layer of protection between the part/paint and
  2. +2 - I've been through a couple single injectors and still tinker with them to try and get them to work smoothly and mess with the endcaps to allow quick removal - was pretty much a waste of my time.... as my Basstackle injector is smooth and built very very well.... super fast to pop endcap off (SAFELY) and clean if i'm doing small batches in microwave. For the extra money you spend compared to a crappy EBAY injector it's totally worth it - this is a tool you use for EVERY bait you make... don't skimp. J.
  3. Can you upload picture of the mold? We can probably provide some additional help.... but Marks points are best place to start. Depending on mold type (material) there are a couple options to open up venting if necessary. J.
  4. +1 = I do exact same thing.... set up the pots - let them run while i get all my other crap together. Beauty is you really don't have to pay attention cause its automated. And to answer and earlier question.... Do you need an auto stirrer? - no - but - Is it super convenient - yep - Save plastic as Dave mentioned - yep - Make life easier.... absolutely. J.
  5. I have a 35rpm in one pot and 50rpm in the other pot (got it for $10 so didnt care it was a little fast)..... and there are no bubbles (atleast that I notice)..... in reality - even at 50 rpm it's 1 turn per second almost half that for 35rpm.... I bet it if you measured how fast (RPM) we whip around plastic in a Pyrex by hand it's a whole lot faster.... Plus a presto has such a wide diameter - there is alot of surface area for bubbles to rise and escape - compared to a tighter diameter pyrex type cup. J.
  6. That is the presto.... There is a thread already running maybe 8 down form top right now talking about which gear motor to use... and yes it will take some "McGyvering"... if that's beyond your capabiites - there are some sites/people selling stirrers. They aren't cheap - which is why many make them if they have the tools.... but I've been down the road of "kitchen" stirrers... I bought/used one at first - and it worked if I heated plastic in the micro and transfered hot... didn't' have enough torque to kick plastic over through the gel phase and didn't stir up remelts too well. At one
  7. Plus - at the cost for 60-70 dollars - if you have a few tools and are "handy" you can make your own stirring system for a little more and it WILL work - compared to trying things like this to just to save a little time/cash only to toss it and do it the right way 1 month later. Trust me (us) - we've all tried the simple/cheap ways - some work - others don't. J.
  8. How are you monitoring the heat? You have to really keep your eye on things if you aren't using a stirring system and a PID for temp control as the heating element can get reel hot and just scorch thing if you aren't careful Search for PID heat control and you'll find a ton of info. J.
  9. While I haven't done "core shots" - I have used rods / metal inserts to make air-pockets in baits.... HIGHLY recommend taking an hour and polish whatever metal you chose to use.... yes - oil helps as almost every video shows... but polishing adds a considerable amount of "slipperiness" - I was shocked how much easier I was able to remove the inserts I use after I polished a few. And as APdriver mentioned - you can pretty much use any metal... although brass does tend to bend a little easier on small diameters (less than 1/8") if you accidently drop it or are really rough with it. J.
  10. +1 - Nothing can compete with cavity count.... but if you have 1 or 2 cavity molds you wanna use - then speeding up with use of prestos is your best option - notably if your currently using a microwave. Other small thing is clamping.... I make my own molds - and early on I cut them all different sizes and used wind nuts to hold them shut... but now I'm stuck clamping a bunch of molds separately which takes forever - instead of lining up 4-5 molds and using 2 clamps to hold them all in one shot... it's all the little things that makes a difference. J.
  11. Assume your using a microwave if your cleaning the injector each time.... Presto pot with stirring can speed you way up.... as you leave the injector in the pot after shooting - so no cleaning/purging the leftover each time - plus once molds ready to go - no waiting to heat plastic - just shoot - makes a bit difference. J.
  12. It would probably take longer and more effort to patch and touch up unless you really know what your doing than to strip and start from scratch. J.
  13. I agree - trim the tail a hair. I went back and looked a bit more... thinking what's actually happening in some of these videos - is the rods aren't really centered (just placed in the mold) and there is a tiny hole created where the rod touches the mold on the back.... so looks like a pocket - but it's offset and probably a small hole is made that they aren't mentioning nor cutting off the tail. J.
  14. Looks good... the "fuzzyness" gives it dimensions / motion... I like it. And looks like you can cut some fairly thin/details for a stencil like that. thanks for posting. J.
  15. McMaster has some of the most reasonable shipping costs out there... I order for them all the time.... granted - they have a warehouse about 60 miles away - but there is no excess charged on their behalf that I notice.... most items I order show up in a rather large box for 7-10 dollars.... granted over the boarder will likely cost more... but they seem to only charge what they have to pay UPS/Fed Ex.... no surcharges in my experience. J.
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