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  1. crotalus

    Cyber Flex/3x Type Plastic

    Is the ultra stretchy, floating style of plastic available to the home pourer? I've been looking around online and can't seem to find it. Is it a completely different material than plastisol?
  2. crotalus

    Which Plastic For Swimbaits?

    well, sort of? It's not necessarily super tough, just real rubbery and translucent. guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and take my chances with the lure craft stuff.
  3. crotalus

    Which Plastic For Swimbaits?

    Ok, I've been making hardbaits for a while now and want to get into pouring soft stuff as well. I am trying to figure out which plastic to buy? I don't want plastic worm style plastic, if that makes any sense? I want the swimbait type plastic, like used in ospreys and other line thru, top hook, type swimbaits. It just seems to be a different type of plastic than, say..... a zoom worm. Or to make it more simple, does any one know which plastic/s osprey uses? Thanks a bunch guys, I hope you guys can drop some knowledge on me haha! Eric
  4. crotalus


    OMG... you must teach me! That is a sweet bait, best foil job I've seen.
  5. crotalus

    Need Help On Wakebait Characteristics/dynamics

    Just from looking at the bait I have a theory. I have made many baits similar to the one you are making. I never did achieve the large wake and tail kick I wanted with that hinge design. It does work, but if you really want a ton of slow speed action you need to give the tail section more freedom. I started by looking at the rapala jointed floating minnow. That bait has serious action! Its more rounded, made of very light material (balsa), and has a very free moving joint. lots of space in between sections and only two screw eye attachment. Once I keyed in on some of those concepts my wake baits went from ehhh... to holy sh*t! For me, I had a lot more trouble with taller, thin baits, with tight joints.
  6. crotalus

    Another view...........same lure

    How do you make that joint? Did you carve it from wood, then mold it? Looks killer!
  7. crotalus

    Casting Resin

    its the micro balloons. the more you add the more it expands. With mine anyway. I think its the heat of the plastic expanding the air in the microballoons and then it hardens, leaving you with a product larger than your master or mold space. I have not yet found an alternative, except less balloons.
  8. crotalus

    Resin Bubbles

    Microballoons, yes, the resin is very similar to the smoothcast 300. typical casting resin. The pot life is about 3 minutes with a 10 minute demold time.
  9. crotalus

    Resin Bubbles

    I just started casting some baits from polyurethane resin and am looking for tips on how to get rid of or reduce the little bubbles in the cast bait? Thanks Eric
  10. crotalus

    Stainless Steel Screw Eyes

    I've been searching for sst screw eyes, looking to get them around 1.25" long with a small eye so they are discrete. Wheres the best place to get them? quality is a must.
  11. crotalus


    Thanks mark, currently made from bass wood, don't know exact weight approx 7ish oz, swims great, just like a dumb stunned planted trout should lol. joints are 2" sst cotter pins with sst welding rod as pins. cleared and sealed with D2T, painted with a concoction of createx, btw, if you don't already have pearl satin gold, and the auto air aluminum silver than you need it! I know in the pics it doesn't look great but in real life the paint job is really fishy. You can't see it in the pics, but when you move the bait in the light purple comes out from underneath the green and silver. PS mark, I really admire your lures, I've been inspired to try out your Azek pvc material I'll post when I get everything worked out.
  12. crotalus


    oops I mean 10"
  13. crotalus

    What Resins?

    I will definitely make a detailed log and take notes. thanks for the advice. I'm thinking about trying Smoothcast 60D.
  14. crotalus


    what the bass sees.
  15. crotalus


    Well I thought I'd finally post some pics of my hard work. Here is a swimbait I just finished. Aprox 11", floating wake style bait. Hand carved from bass wood, sealed with D2T, painted with createx, and sealed again. Tail is painted and sealed lexan. Its kind of hard to see the fine scale detail in the pics but I assure you it is there. This is just a rough proto of a bait I hope to tweak a little and start molding. Stay tuned for it's siblings. Cheers Eric Lightfoot