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  1. MAC ONE

    yellow perch

    Thanks Douglas for the comment. I'm so sorry for the bad paint job you wont have to worry about me posting again. Scott
  2. MAC ONE

    micro bait

    See I don't always paint musky baits, here a nice little top water micro smallmouth wake bait, new color on top called FASTBACK green by wicked, it has a gold bluish green tint, nice color I highly recommend it.
  3. MAC ONE

    yellow perch

    Fresh out of the water, 10 inch yellow perch almost looks alive what do you think?
  4. MAC ONE

    First Decoy

    you can use aluminum also they both work very well flexible and bendable.
  5. MAC ONE

    walleye 1

    Thank you
  6. MAC ONE

    First Decoy

    Copper sheet, Thank You for the comments
  7. MAC ONE

    First Decoy

    Thank You
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