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    Thanks for the tips. I'll try them out. Mike
  2. Bronzeback3


    Do you thin createx? Thats what I use now but I dont thin it at all. I just spray and go. I does dry in the air brush after a few min.
  3. Thanks BobP! I'll try those epoxies. The epoxy i used was for a tabe coat. I figured it would work...but I guess not. I will look into thoes thank you again! Mike
  4. Bronzeback3


    I also didn't know what the best type or brand of paint to use. any help would be greatly appriceated. Thank you. Mike
  5. Hey there everyone, Hope your thanksgiving was good. I have just started to paint my own lures and I have tried the clear coat process and I can't find one that works well. I tried this one clear coat and it seems to be ok, but.....I have to wait 72 hours for full cure and even after that it still feels soft and it weights my lure down. I have looked around and purchesed some samples of what other guys have done. I have to say I am impressed! The clrear coat has a nice thin layer and some have added sparkles/glitter. What kind of epoxy has glitter? I apply my epoxy with a foam brush used to paint wood trim. Is there another way to get a thin even coat on my lures? I think 72 hours is a long time to wait for my epoxy. Any sugesstions on what kinds to use? If so are there ones that work better on topwaters than jerkbaits and if I should be using different epoxy on them? Sorry I have bombarded this post with questions....I am just frustrated and looking for some kind of mirical epoxy. Thanks for reading my post and good luck if your out there tring to get gifts for the holidays.....its a zoo! Mike
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