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  1. i sinks if your interested you can see the action here
  2. thanks guys im really pleased on this one too
  3. yep everything is made by me
  4. Here's the other one of the 2 swimmers i made recently forgot to add in the other post that if you guys want to see more pics of these 2 you can find them at my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2014/04/troutastic-swimmers.html
  5. solarfall

    Brownie swimmer

    here's the new swimmer trout in a brown trout color, this thing is 20cm long and 140g so not for the fainthearted and not for those with shoulder issues
  6. usually dont post these unfinished plank pics here but i though i would make an exception this time. there is roughly 3000 2mm scales hand carved to this new en devour of mine, needless to say it took me some time to get to this stage, i estimate around 60h in total. goes to show when you put your mind into something and persevere you can achieve great things I'm going to use this as a mold master so it will be little bit less time consuming to build these in the future. -Mikko
  7. well that was last year and this year i did not even enter and from hearing from few other builders it was the right move.
  8. solarfall

    Smallmouth bass cranker

    there is always room to improve, thats part of the fun of lure making or maybe its a curse if its only faults that you ever see lol
  9. solarfall

    Smallmouth bass cranker

    i was fooling around my airbrush once more and figured that i would give the smallmouth bass color pattern a try, i did one of those in the past but it did not look realistic, i think im getting closer with this one
  10. sometimes simple is better, i really dig this color and hope the pike will too
  11. So i though i would make something different. a swedish nemo and the Finnish maiden.
  12. the thing is anybody can do it it just takes some practice and you just have to dedicate time to get better at it.
  13. its called CAB ( only available here in finland as far as i know )
  14. So i've wanted to make one of these for the longest time now and finally had some inspiration to actually start making one. what i basically did was i took sort of like shortcut in making this thing and just used the already made front part of my perch swimabit and just made a new tail section. anyhow if you guys want to see more pics you can find those from my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2014/01/the-never-ending-quest-for-realism.html and if you want to see me paint a kick ass perch you can check that out from here
  15. so basically i just though i would show you guys some new colors that i painted recently.
  16. didnt have anything better to do so i decided to paint some of these new glide baits that i have been testing out lately. i really love the body time hence it lends it self for all kinds of paintjobs very well in my oppinion.
  17. thanks guys i really dig the pattern too
  18. here's couple new paint jobs for my jumbo six sax slayer and went to the rain forest with the paint jobs this time around. got inspired by some tree frogs that i saw on one nature documentary.
  19. solarfall

    Grumpy Mullet

    really clean looking bait, like it alot.
  20. so i had been looking for a change to use this real silver foil that i got ages ago and figured i would slap some on to my new jerkbait model.
  21. solarfall

    Floating brown trout glider

    that's a great looking bait man
  22. solarfall

    gold leafed perch

    so i was bored and decided to test out how my perch swimbait model would look with gold leafing and at least for me it does not look too bad, the hinges were especially challenging to do. also though i would make this as a floating version with a swimming lip. this thing is 16.5cm long and weighs 55g.
  23. solarfall

    SF roach swimbait

    here's another project that i started just recently. this one is shaped to pretty close to a roach which is the main bait fish for pike where i'm from im quite happy how it turned out.
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