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  1. hey dudes i though i would upload this close up of my new jerkbait model if you guys are interested to see more pics of it you can find them from my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/12/menage-trois-with-my-new-beauties.html
  2. solarfall

    bunch of swimbaits

    No i'm not interested in doing that
  3. well im using that as a mold master so painting the molded lures im gonna be making out of that is not that frightening heh
  4. Hey guys i have not been able to make more of these totorials until now again as i got my new camera. Here is a long video how i make swimbait with door hinges, enjoy
  5. I dont usually post these half done carved lures here but i though this one looked pretty cool already without any paint on it so i figured i would let you guys see it. this is basically a new more detailed version of a jerkbait that i made last year, this one is just slightly longer and more detailed.

    © Solarfall

  6. its just some bed wire, honestly a normal jig head and a stinger hook system would work better on them i think
  7. whats up fellow lure makers, so i though i would make few new colors for these perch swimbaits that i have been making and selling (on ebay only btw). not much to say about these so i'll let the pic do the talking. also if someone is interested in seeing more pics/ different angles you can always check them out from my blog http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/10/some-new-colors-for-my-perch-swimbait.html
  8. solarfall

    paddle tail hybrid baits

    well i would have hoped that they would have been little bit bigger but there is plenty of time this fall to try and catch a monster or 2.
  9. so i kinda got fed up in pike tearing up my soft plastics so i made some a hardbody bait with a changeable paddle tail, they seem to work pretty well for the purpose i initially made em. if your curious to see the action of them you can check out my video about that and i even catch some fish on it too.
  10. solarfall

    couple more swimbaits

    hey dudes seems like i cant stop making these swimbaits, i think they turned out pretty alright, i especially dig the walleye/ zander one. and as always if you guys want to see few more pix head down to my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/08/yet-more-swimbaits.html
  11. solarfall

    bunch of swimbaits

    thanks guys, much appreciated
  12. solarfall

    bunch of swimbaits

    so i made a selection of swimbaits once more, i really love the action on these its really sensitive even on slow retrieve and as always if someone wants to see more pics just visit my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/08/swimbaits-continued.html
  13. solarfall

    perch swimbait

    hey dudes i have not posted here in along time so i figured i would upload something new i have been working on, i spend way too many hours on these but its not like i have anything better to do lol. hope you like em and if anyone is curious to see more pics you can find some from my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/08/first-perch-swimbaits-are-finally-done.html
  14. haha kinda forgot that i had this thread here but i guess i'll update it now with a flood of vids.
  15. i've used that blood trail on my lures and to be honest i don't think it really matters too drastically if you compare lures that are identical in every other way but the other one has that blood trail. on the other hand the predatory fish might not even see it as a blood trail but rather a flesh wound. there probably is no scientific data on if its relevant or not to trigger a strike from a predator.
  16. solarfall

    few more Six sax slayer

    heres couple of different colors of the my new six sax slayer glide bait
  17. solarfall

    Mini six sax slayers

    so these ones are basically a scaled down model of an older lure model that i did, it worked so well that i need to have a smaller version. these are 12cm and 55g, they have a really great action, at least the pike love em
  18. solarfall

    The Old slab

    i did this bream crank bait just for fun, i like how it turned out it looks pretty natural.
  19. solarfall

    new Bream model

    its not difficult just takes time to do
  20. solarfall

    new Bream model

    So i finished off my new bream ( abramis brama) jerkbait, these are 14cm and 70g coated with silver leaf.
  21. solarfall

    nemo variants

    figured i needed something that has alot of contrast for top water fishing so i made these. im pretty sure that the fish in my area have never seen anything like these before
  22. i really do love this shell veneer stuff, heres couple of new once i did with it, im especially in love with the lime nemo it looks so nice
  23. hey guys i made yet another video this time about metal leafing fishing lures, enjoy
  24. solarfall

    male bluegill

    that's really cool looking bluegill, is it photo finished ?
  25. solarfall

    Walleye hybrid jig

    i was asked to make this huge walleye themed jigtail hybrid lure, i really like how it turned out. its rather large too. 45cm and weighs 325g if you guys want to see more pics of it you can check out my blog http://solarfallbaits.blogspot.fi/2013/03/enter-walleye.html
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