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  1. Stirring Pigment

    put something metal "ball, screw " anything and it shold help mix it up thats what I did
  2. Hand tying jigs

    Check out and look up Jig Tying Tutorial..their is alot of videos on it.
  3. Pop Mold Tutorial Part Ii

    Great job on this info, ima have to go try me this, just went and bought all the stuff thanks
  4. 152nd Street Baits Is Closing Shop

    too bad... nice stuff on ebay
  5. Crankbait Machines?

    their is one in this video"quite a good video"
  6. First paint job redo of a "Big O" that was all black

    very nice reminds me of the KVD style crank bait i think is the name
  7. Lure Scents

    My scent is just oil, it would be Anis. @BBK I think that pretty true
  8. Lure Scents

    When I pour I dont put any scent. After im done and packaging them i put in oil. After i use one in the water and the oil is gone I smell the smell of the lure (the smell the plastic makes when heating it) Do you think smelling that smell and using the worms may keep the fish from bitting them? Mabe they can smell that? Thanks, Hunter
  9. My First Mold & Pour

    Lookin good great job.
  10. Learning To Paint

    Lures look nice man good job
  11. First Pour!

    very nice worms look great!
  12. Making Lures On A Lathe

    Jamie speek of the devil haha diemai just happen to post also. Thank you both for the help, ima have to try and make me one of those crank baits. I have been messing with lures the last day or so and made only topwater. Thanks for the links also
  13. Rapala Original Floater Disaster!

    Thease lures look good, good luck with ur problem
  14. Making Lures On A Lathe

    thank you sir
  15. Hand Carved Lures

    Lets see some of thease lures! Post up pictures?