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  1. big 8inch bluegill slider bait

    Gturcan!!!! Beautiful bait my man!
  2. Your Favorite Or Go To Crankbait Color

    Red craw all day long that stinkin bomber has caught more fish for me than anything else
  3. Swimbait V-joint Experiment

    Sorry, a forward facing C joint. I say C because it's not really a V
  4. Swimbait V-joint Experiment

    Hey Vodkaman, Recently i made a reverse jointed swimbait and it turned out sick..... Just thought i would let you know
  5. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    I tried taking a wood carving chisel with a similar shape to my bait before i had read your response. i think it will work with practice. Brilliant invention though
  6. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    Thanks 152 I did a little research to see who has made baits with scales on them and i found Jeep's Esox pike to have scales... i would like to know how he did those.
  7. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    They have fish scale leather stamps??? do you have a link or a picture? btw i am not limiting my search to exclusively fish scales i would also like a rhombus like pattern
  8. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    I've looked at the wood burning stuff... It looks tedious. I do wonder whether or not there is a material that could be used to just hammer in the bait to give it texture and go from their... Trying to think outside of the box here. I believe a new method of making scales is soon needed.
  9. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    I am more looking for a way to put the scales on a bait so that i could use the bait to make a mold and have several reproductions of the same bait with scales not on the outside of the bait but part of the bait itself. You know what i mean? if not i could clarify.
  10. 3d Scales On A Hard Bait

    I am extremely curious to know if any of you have ever tried putting scales on a wooden bait and if it worked. I'd like to know some manner of creating texture on my baits but i don't know where to start.
  11. Your Desires

    Thank you all so much for your response i will attempt to implicate all of these nuances into my current bait. OH one more question... how many sections do you find necessary?
  12. Your Desires

    @dave- if you could get the action along with the added realism what would be so bad about that? I also wonder if you have ever seen the 316 Lure company lures... it seems to me like you'd like em @ Tater- HAHAHAHA nice
  13. Your Desires

    @ mainbutter- You feel that the more unrealistic/ something the fish are more curious about reason for them striking the lure sort of thing? And my next question would be if you noticed a difference between the number of fish you caught on a realistic lure as compared to an unrealistic one? to all reading -In your own opinion do you feel that scales are necessary?
  14. Your Desires

    I am very thankful that you all replied to my inquiring mind. Action seems very important to all of you. I do agree about the inconviences of a bill on the head, I don't like them either. Action and aesthetics. These are things that i will focus on with my upcoming baits. You have all confirmed my suspicions and i am very greatful that i am not the only one who feels this way. Deltaman
  15. Your Desires

    Maybe i should clarify... Do you look for ingenuity? as in how the hooks are hidden or does it matter to you if the hooks are hanging? Does action play the biggest factor for you? or does paint job seal the deal? Does fin detail matter? does an open mouth make a difference? what combination of these different factors would you like to see?