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  1. turtlebait


    I've only used alumilite white but it worked great! Adding micro balloons allows you to control the buoyancy great which is very helpful on swimbaits because of the limited area to drill holes for lead.
  2. turtlebait

    Glider drying wheel

    Great info guys! Thanks for the help.
  3. turtlebait

    Glider drying wheel

    Hi guys, I am looking at building a new drying wheel. I really like the style that looks like 1/2 pvc that has a screw fixed onto it to attach the lure then the pvc peg fits into the dryer to fit multiple lures. My question is how is the bottom hook hanger attached after it is removed from the screw. It appears that it is drilled out then a Rivet is inserted to clean up around the screw. Then the screw eye is placed in the Rivet. Can someone tell me if this is how it is done so I can insure maximum strength. Or point me out to a topic that has more info on this? Attached is an screenshot of svartzonkers wheel which is exactly what I want to do. Thanks, Sam
  4. turtlebait

    Cutting Swimbait Segments

    I think I will use all these ideas. I am going to cut the segments out using a table saw, leaving the blank in one piece. I am also going to make a second cut to cut out a wedge so it has more room to swim.(I feel that works better on large muskie swimbaits). Then I will use that waxed based paste to glue in some wedges that will fit in the gaps. After cutting out the shape of the bait, I can carve it as one piece. I use carving knives so I am hoping this will prevent chipping. I hope it will work as good as I think it will. Thanks again guys.
  5. turtlebait

    Cutting Swimbait Segments

    Thank you. I never thought of using a table saw. You have saved from alot of fustration.
  6. turtlebait

    Cutting Swimbait Segments

    Hey guys, What is the best way to cut the sides of a swimbait so the cuts meet in the middle and the angles of the cuts are even on both sides? Sorry if this was confusing to read, it was hard to explane. I just want to know how to make even V style segments for my swimbaits. Thanks for reading.
  7. turtlebait

    Making Lures On A Lathe

    I have personally only made topwaters but I have seen other turned baits. I seen crankbaits that where turned. Search for some websites that have antique lures and you should be able to find some examples. Hope this will help
  8. turtlebait

    Airbrush Advice

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to bait making and airbrushing so I hope you can help me with some questions. Right now I have a Badger 155 Anthem but can't acheive the fine details I want. Is it just me or the airbrush? If it is the airbrush what airbrush should I get(under $150)? I like what I've heard about Iwata, Badger and the Air Pro Tools PS900. Also, how important is a MAC valve and what does it do? Thanks for reading.