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  1. Cedar run outdoors shows 910 in stock. FYI, these blanks take an oval eye.
  2. Thanks for that tip. I was unaware and have been immediately placing my respirator back in the plastic storage bag.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Skeeter, I am very new at this and don't have much skill...acquired or otherwise, yet. I am continuing to practice and having much fun while doing so! Thanks again to everybody.
  4. I too have the folkart crackle medium and really like the results I get. I have found that a thinner coat of the crackle medium followed with a slightly thicker coat of paint gives me the best results. I saw a youtube video where the author really applied the crackle medium in a thick coat, followed with a thick coat of paint. In my findings, I had trouble with the "excess" paint and medium shifting on my lure.
  5. Do the people here that us KBS use a respirator? I am wanting to give this product a try, but it is listed as containing polyisocyanates...which can cause cancer(along with nearly everything else these days)? in general, who uses a respirator and for what purpose? Thanks everyone
  6. Thanks for the suggestions and advice.
  7. a question for the more experienced. I have currently only been using a particle facemask for when I paint with createx latex water based paint and coat with devon 2T epoxy. What respirator do you guys use? If I go to dipping my lures in KBS, in my garage with plenty of airflow, What respirator should I use? I looked on amazon and there a billion choices ranging from 5 bucks to 2200.00? Again, Thanks for all the help.
  8. Hello everyone. I have been having areas of non-fill? on several lures when using devcon 2T epoxy. It is not much, but a slight area where the texture of the lures "is not completely covered", or even a tiny spot of non-fill. I am most likely just missing these. Can I just mix some more epoxy and "touch up" these areas? Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. I have purchased a few from cedar run outdoors as well. I have not painted nor fished them...but they certainly look like the real thing.
  10. Has anyone used the KBS aerosol? was wondering how that might work for smaller projects such as touching up a spinner bait blade?
  11. Was this done in a freshwater lake, or saltwater? I wonder how the colors may be perceived in the "other" water type? Of course, this is also done through human eyes. I wonder how bass would perceive the colors at 25 or 50 feet in fresh water? Good video. Thanks for sharing
  12. Thank you for the advice BBK and everybody. I appreciate all the help provided on this forum.
  13. Hello everyone. I starting painting my own baits roughly a month ago. I am learning as I go mostly from this site and some youtube videos. I have a couple questions regarding KBS clear coat. Do you guys thin the KBS? Do you use the paint saver to remove oxygen before closing? I see where people use saran wrap with mason jars/ragu spaghetti jars...do you do that with the original container as well to keep it air tight? Any other items/suggestions that anyone could recommend? I am currently using devcon 2 ton epoxy, but find it difficult to get a "perfect" coverage of my baits.. Another question...how many coats of KBS do you use? do you sand in between coats? Lastly, must one have a lure turner for use of KBS as i do not? Thanks so much for all the help.
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