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  1. shootermcbob

    Different needles for airbrushes?

    I have an iwata eclipse HP-CS airbrush. It comes with a .35 sized needle. Is it possible to purchase different sized needles to use with varying thicknesses of paint? If so, Is there anything else that is needed? Again, thanks for any help.
  2. shootermcbob

    devcon 2T epoxy?

    Thanks for all the advice.
  3. shootermcbob

    devcon 2T epoxy?

    Thanks Kris.
  4. shootermcbob

    devcon 2T epoxy?

    new to spraying my own blanks and appreciate this forum. I would like to know how many coats of epoxy you guys & girls use for the topcoat ? Thanks for any help.
  5. shootermcbob

    heat setting

    Hello everyone, new here trying to learn from everyone. My question is to "heat set" paint between coats or to get "crackle" effect, should I use a hair dryer or heat gun? Thanks for all the help from everyone. Great forum!