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  1. djs

    Wedge Tail

    What I was meaning he did not invent anything new most of everything we do in soft plastics has been done before. Patents are all about the money plan and simple.
  2. djs

    Wedge Tail

    I call bs on Ken Huddleston check out the date of this patent.
  3. djs

    Light trout swimbait

    No I sold that mold awhile back
  4. djs

    Light trout swimbait

    Yes I make many custom molds
  5. Already heated and poured clear.
  6. You need thf (Tetrahydrofuran) as a solvent. It will melt pvc the best than any solvent I know of. Some Cyclohexanone to act as a retarder for an airbrush. Here in the US I can buy the lureworks (spike it )paint cheaper than the chemicals. Melt uncolored plastisol in thf to make the base for paint.
  7. djs

    golden shiner swimbait

    My 6" golden shiner swimbait. Weights 2.2 oz top hook with internal harness to control sink rate.
  8. I have seen presto pots with lids and a stirrer made into pressurized injection systems.
  9. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/21274-dont-get-rid-of-your-hand-pour-molds/?fromsearch=1 Do a search it has been done
  10. Needs more vents in the top portion of the mold and vent the ends of the tail
  11. I have modified molds with end mills in a drill press. Raise the table to the cutting depth and be careful. Wear gloves, safety glasses.
  12. Not sure if this might be the problem but I have seen people here complain about the same thing with LC molds they sell. Don't know if the silicone molds they sell is the same material as the silicone they sell for making molds. Might be some kind of additive in the silicone. I have made many molds from tin and platinum cure silicone without degassing and never had that problem. I have used M&F, smooth on mold star, and Raw Materials brand silicones.
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