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  1. fivefishwish

    Spraying Dick Nite

    couldnt agree more. i was thinkin of doing the same thing (2 brushes, 1 for clear) for the sake of saving time, but determined that clean up actually took more time than saving.
  2. fivefishwish

    Lure Boxes

    what kind of foam do u use? ive never heard of a foam u can pour into molds.
  3. fivefishwish

    Cutting Swimbait Segments

    there is also a post in the tutorial section they explains how one of the members makes his SB's. very good info and alot of ideas. u should check it out.
  4. fivefishwish

    Soft Bodied Frog Paint

    try this. its made for soft plastic lures.
  5. fivefishwish

    Airbrush And Compressor System...?

    i bought my Iwata HP-C+ and compressor from TCP Global about 3 months ago. It came in a bundle that i believe they still offer. i spent about $400 and got the brush, comp., hose, regulator, filter, 100 mix cups, 100 mix sticks, and 20 bottles of paint that im still using. the brush is phenomenal! im glad that i decided to spend a lil extra money for a good first brush instead of buying a "starter" to replace later. just make sure urs is gravity fed and dual action. the compressor is very quiet and seems to work very well. urs needs to have a regulator and filter. they r a must! do not do without, ull regret it! other than that, the compressor doesnt matter too much. and as for TCP Global, good prices, good service and very fast shipping. hope this helps.
  6. fivefishwish

    Latest On Dick Nites Clear Coat ?

    same thing happened to me. i started to worry when i never got an email letting me know it was shipped. i called him and he check his records while i was on the phone and found out the mix up was with ups. they were the ones that was supposed to send me an email. i received my clear the next day! if ur like me and get very anxious, just call him. he will clear the air.
  7. fivefishwish

    Dippin Dick Nites

    if all else fails just call him. hes a great guy and will truly go out on a limb for his customers, especially if they r TU members!
  8. fivefishwish

    Dippin Dick Nites

    couldnt agree more! the stuff is strong and it definitely wont hurt to make use of its strength by coating the bait and the bill as one!
  9. fivefishwish


    take it from an electrician, small gauge copper wire (10g or smaller) will not hold against any kind of pressure at all. you will very easily bend this stuff with your hands and loops will probably straighten out even under the stress of casting the bait. at least that for copper electrical wire. if there is a type of copper wire that has a stronger tensile strength then im not familiar with it. i hope this prevents someone from making a bad purchase seeing how copper right now is very expensive!
  10. fivefishwish

    Looking For Masking Material

    sorry, found it cheaper here:
  11. fivefishwish

    Looking For Masking Material

    ive never used either one of these before but from the description of the "stretch mask" it sounds like it is exactly what ur looking for kris. when im in need of masking film i believe this is the one ill try. hope this helps.
  12. fivefishwish

    Adding Accent Lines And Stipes

    thanks for the advise. rayburnguy, i had a feeling that would be the case but i wanted to ask to make sure first. thanks!
  13. fivefishwish

    Adding Accent Lines And Stipes

    i was wondering if there was a way to add stripes to a manufacturer painted bait without having to sand the entire bait? i want to keep the factory paint in tact but im not sure if paint will stick without sanding it first. any advise?
  14. fivefishwish

    My First Lures Made With Thru-wire Construction

    ur talkin bout the spongy stuff that stops things from sliding in drawers?
  15. fivefishwish

    Need Advice On Using Crackle Medium

    very interesting!! ill definitely be trying this one out.