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  1. Ok so I paint swimbaits and use epoxy as a clear coat. I hate using it because its a pain around joints, especial tight joints. So I'm looking for someone who is willing to spray my swimbaits after I paint them. These would be my clients baits that I paint... and will look like this, I paint them and send them to you and you clear coat them and send them either to the client or back to me. And of course you get paid. So is there anyone out there that is willing to work out a deal with me? Thank you so much Donnie
  2. Hello all, recently I asked about paints and clear to paint soft plastics. Well, I forgot where I'd asked and what I was told hahahaha. Can someone pls tell me again. I looked on here but couldn't find anything. Sorry and thanks!
  3. I have lung issues and really don't want to use anything that s dangerous. Doesn't the auto clear have dangerous fumes??
  4. I use it and have never waited seven days. I just make sure its completely dry and that depends on how thick I have to put it on. Never had a problem.
  5. Hey guys we all know that epoxy doesn't like sharp edges. Do you guys have any tricks to help the epoxy from being so thin . Specifically I paint bull shad swimbaits and the edges at thier joints are very sharp. I can imagine that it will be very easy for an issue to arrise and the epoxy start peeling away. Hope this makes sense?? So what do you guys do when you epoxy sharp edges. Right now I'm using Art Resin. I'm thinking of before I epoxy to put a bead of glue, like super glue or something on the edge before I epoxy it. Maybe small amount of clear nail polish,,,I don't know, just something
  6. I found it..thanks so much
  7. Do you know where I can find those pls?
  8. Can this spray form be used as an epoxy to finish baits?
  9. Hello all, I usually hang out in the hard bait section. I've seen lately where guys are painting plastic/rubber baits and then sealing them. Can you guys guide me as to what paint to use and what sealer? The video I saw someone was spaying sealer on with an airbrush I think??? I never knew there was such a thing. I appreciate any help.
  10. A lot of my painting is with brushes. I got tired of trying to do details with an airbrush. I use acrylic paints and hobby paints. Color selections are endless at your hobby store. This goes for my taxidermy also, most work done with paint brush. Get some paint and brushes and practice on paper. I don t paint heavy, I paint is washes, if that makes sense
  11. Hey guys and any gals, dry spots on your baits after epoxy, can you pls remind me how to avoid this. I think I remember that some think its oil from your skin and to wear gloves??? Are there any other ideas?? Thanks so much. Oh...and I hope ya ll are doing well, haven t been on in a while
  12. My specialty is realistic paintjobs to match different bait fish, trout etc. I put a ton of time in some of my baits, especially big swimbaits. Using an airbrush, paintbrush, colored pencils, charcoal etc. I put a lot of time in some of them...I think I should be charging more for some of my stuff but hey....
  13. I dry mine in a basement and it usually takes 24 to 48 hours to completely cure. Last night I used a portable heater next to them and it may have helped a tad. It just takes time for this to cure
  14. I always mix in the small plastic cups. Yeah I started using the alcohol after a while. Trouble is, I didn't note which baits I did with alcohol vs laquer thinner. I use the new stuff now anyways but this issue still drives me crazy. One other thing to note is I had found some 30 min epoxy in a hobby store. It wasn't Devcon even though it might have been only someone put it in another bottle. I don't remember the brand right now but I've even considered that it had something to do with this off brand???? And whats even crazier is that I don't think I do anything different than you guys have d
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