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  1. Thanks fisheye, that makes sense too. gonna just try chalk and seal it first. See what happens.
  2. Well I tried to upload a pic but says it's too big and I'm not technical enough to resize it. I just started a Facebook page under "Fishnart". Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think. Eventually I'll get more photos on it and learn how to put them on here.
  3. Yeah good thought. I might be able to seal the chalk though?? We'll try it and see, thats one way to find out huh?
  4. Has anyone ever tried using artist pastels, chaulk form and/or oil, on a bait and then used epoxy? Wonder if all would be ok?
  5. I was thinking of trying a new topcoat. Any feellings on Dicknites? Its said you can spray it, is this through an airbrush? Are there any other topcoats that ya'll like that can be sprayed? Have to do some jointed baits... Thanks for any input
  6. I think it sounds pretty interesting. I think about me and I think I'd visit a shop like that.
  7. Hey Mark, I got it at AC Moore, I'm shocked that Michael's doesn't have it. If you don't have a AC Moore's just check some art supply websiites. I think this stuff is pretty popular. If for some reason you still can't find it email me and I'll try to get the name of it so you can search for it that way. My email is fishnart24@yahoo.com. Let me know if I can help you in any other way, its a great tool
  8. thank you sir for the information, I will try it
  9. was looking back at old posts and found this, but I can't seem to find either of these epoxies. If you are still using it can you pls tell me where to get it? thanks
  10. Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this site and I usually do hard baits. I would love to paint some spoons. I did a search and didn't really find anything on this topic. Could you experts please guide me on the best way to paint metal spoons?
  11. couple ideas and a couple of questions.....I use the small plastic mixing cups that you buy at hobby stores and the cheap epoxy brushes. After I'm done, I wash and clean the cups and brush with lauquer thinner with a final rinse of acetone. Kinda of a pain but I get a lot of uses out of a pair of cups and a brush and saves me money. I also put a drop or two of the lauquer thinner in my epoxy as I mix it to thin it out a bit. This allows me to do one or two more baits with each mix. You have to expierment and add literaly, with a eye dropper, a drop or two at a time. Too much and the epoxy gets too thin and doesn't work too well. Just add a drop or two as you mix it and check the consistancy. Now a question, can you sand epoxy, say if you have to add another coat, without messing it up and have it turn out clear? The sand paper doesn't put marks etc on it, scratches? I would imagine you use light grit sandpaper? Thanks and I hope this info helps
  12. Here's what I do with great success. I go to an art or hobby store and get wire netting thats used for sculpting, not sure the exact name. It's thin wire mesh that you can cut with scissors and it comes folded up in sheets. I cut a piece off that fits my bait and since it's wire you can mold it to your bait. Paint it, take if off easily and waa-la. You'll have to play with it but it comes in different size scale patterns. Once I 've used it, I drop it into a small bowl of water/windex and clean it with a toothbrush. Only thing is you prob don't get as many jobs out of it cause it eventually gets weak. But the benefit is I think if offers a more realistic scale shape and since its wire, again, you can actually spread it gently to make the actual scale part a little bigger, if that makes sense. Give it a try.
  13. thanks Bobp, you answered a question that I had...
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