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  1. Hey Dave, I'd be willing to try it and send you a video for sure, what do I do next?
  2. fishnart

    IMG 0273

    I looooove the colors and paint job on this, beautiful
  3. fishnart

    coho swimbait

    lol, well I can't afford to buy them so I don't have to worry about that lol
  4. fishnart

    coho swimbait

    I actually do fish taxidermy.These baits aren't mine, I paint them for another lure maker...and thanks
  5. fishnart

    Brook trout swimbait

    No sir, I paint baits for Matt Lures, he makes the baits And thank you!
  6. fishnart

    final brown

    Thank you sir
  7. Hey fishon son, you still looking for this pattern, I think I can pull it off? Also, do you have the baits or you need them also?
  8. Well, I've always used a medicine dropper to add either LT or alcohol to my mix. The contamination came from having a cup of LT to clean my brushes after each use. Once I was done for the day, I'd pour that LT back in the can. Now, the next pour I'd use a cup from that can to mix with the epoxy. One small cup for mixing and one small cup for cleaning brushes, but they each came from the same can. Does this make sense?? The pink thing is very weird, its not every bait, not even baits from the same batch. Seems like one bait out of many. One thing I'm not sure about is which baits were done with LT and which ones with alcohol because I don't remember exactly when I made the switch. Does that make sense? Because its happened so gradually and after such a period of time, I don't remember that some of the baits were done with the alcohol??? Also, another interesting fact is I used to use Devcon brand. I had found some 30 min epoxy, same bottles etc at a hobby store but it wasn't Devcon. Acted the same and everything. I'm wondering if MAYBE he has something to do with this off brand??? I've tried to think of everything??
  9. That's interesting that you say that about contaminating the Lthinner, I thought about that. Well I don't use that any more to thin, only the alcohol. So we'll see?? thanks for your input
  10. fishnart


    Sending healing powers to you Nathan
  11. cm...its after months that it turns pink. I don't know anything about the Locktite brand, I don't think I've heard of anyone else using it?? Yeah the Devcon you can use denatured alcohol, just a couple of drops, to thin it, it goes on easier and you can work with it just a tad bit longer. And Jrammit...nah I'm using the clear plastic mixing cups
  12. Hey Bob P, nah...I'm not doing anything different at all. I used to mix lacquer thinner in my epoxy to thin it, only a couple drops but since learned about alcohol and now use that. This is my process: I put a little lacquer thinner in a cup and a little alcohol in a cup. I mix my epoxy and add a couple drops of the alcohol to thin and apply. I then use the LThinner to clean my brush and my used cups out for next pour....cause I'm nutty and like to recycle my stuff to save two cents lollol. When I'm done I pour the left over Lthinner back into the can for next time and good to go. I had thought, and asked opinions on here, that maybe the Lthinner caused it to turn pink...maybe a certain brand???? or something. That's the only thing I can think of but no one on here had heard of that happening so....here I am with no clue as to why. But its dang frustrating...based on above do you have any thoughts? Thanks
  13. I'm sorry, I paint baits but have never heard of that pattern, spawn? Can you show me a pic
  14. A ton of useful info here guys, thanks to all that have posted. I too have different issues lately to the point where I'm ready to give it up. I ve been having so many troubles that I m ready to stop painting baits for other people. Too much stress in the epoxy phase. And with this crap turning pink on me, I have my first bait coming back due to this. A handful of my own are turning pink and this sucks to have this happen to a nice paint job...OMG so upsetting. I will hang on a little while longer
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