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  1. Hey fellas, I think this has been discussed but I couldn't find anything when I did a search. Does anyone know what causes a bait to turn a pinkish color after a while? I personally think it might be the lacquer thinner I ve used to thin epoxy with as it I think I've seen this to be a pink color sometimes???

  2. That's interesting Richard, do you dip your brush in the alcohol each time you load your brush. No wait, you mean the first time to get rid of bubbles after you've mixed it?? I use a heat gun, but sometimes I still get bubbles. I wonder if your way's better??? Always looking to improve where I can

  3. I have found that doing rattle trap type baits that they seem harder to epoxy. It seems I get more bubble in those type baits and unless you put it on pretty thick, it cures thin around the sharper edges of the top of the bait. Is this me or has anyone else noticed that? Just curious.

  4. You guys are talking about cleaning brushes etc, After each mix I scrape the epoxy out of the mixing cups and clean them with LThinner and clean my brush. Its a pain when you re doing many baits as sometimes I have ten or more baits to do. And I really stress getting the exact amount of each part of the epoxy, the whole process is stressful for me hahahaha, and then there's the worrying that they're not going to turn out or cure. That's what happened this time, hens the reason for this post. Out of about 20 baits that I did in one session, 10 didn't cure properly. And I've never had that happen before, and I don't think I had done anything different that I could tell. That's why I was so puzzled. And actually, I've done two or three of those over several times, sanding and stripping them each time. A guy sent me these specific baits to do so I had to keep refinishing them. That's why I was wondering if it was something with the epoxy, except for the baits that did cure?? I've never had that many in a batch not cure. Let me add this...the epoxy I was using wasn't Devcon, it was epoxy that I'd gotten from a Hobby store and Hobby Lobby, I'm sure its the same stuff without Devcons name on it??? Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

  5. Thanks Ben, I hope this is the case. I tell ya, out of the past 20 baits I've done 10 didn't cure all the way. While typically I get one on a rare occasion, it's never been this bad. I also noticed that out of these two sets of epoxy, I can only get one bait done comfortably and had to rush the second because I could feel the epoxy starting to cure. When in the past I could squeak out three and on a good day four. I'm wondering if I'm mixing it too long, cause in the past I thought maybe I hadn't mixed it enough. I love the end result of epoxy but ugh, it stresses me out hahahaha. Especially when its a clients bait that he only has one of, trying to fix this is hard to do sometimes you know...

  6. Holy crap, maybe that's it, the alcohol. Riverotter, I've been using alcohol to thin because I thought that maybe the lacquer thinner might have been whats turning my baits the pink color after a while. Maybe I've been putting too much alcohol in my mix??? Anyone else experience this?


    Thanks to all that have posted to help me out with my delima

  7. All of this does help, thank all of you sooooo much...seriously. I went down today and it seems as though the baits that hadn't cured, had actually cured a little more. So this leads me to believe that the temp had more to do with it than I thought, just took longer for them to cure. So, for the next batch they'll get a little heat and we'll see how that works. Still not sure about that one bottle of epoxy though, it seemed harder to squeeze out than normal 30 min stuff, and doing what I normally do and getting a few baits done, I would only get one. I think something was up with that bottle. I noticed right away that it was harder to get out, it was that noticeable. Again thank you guys so much! Your time to respond is so appreciated

  8. I epoxied a bunch off baits the other day only to have half of them not cure all the way. I mixed the heck out of the epoxy, used a little alcohol to thin it and mixed again. I don t get why they didn t cure. So I go to put a second coat on (qith new bottles) and for some reason I could only get one bait done out of the batch before it started curing, wierd cause I can usually get two or three. Well one part of the two part epoxy was must have been bad because I noticed when I was squirting it into the cup it seemed thicker...harder to squeeze out??? Old maybe? Im just venting...I loath epoxy. I ve ordered some diamond coat to try and am hopeful. Have I told you I hate epoxy lol. Thanks for listening, came here cause I thought you guys would understand

  9. wow, thanks Mark for your time with that response. Man, its hard to know what to do...I like your idea but worry about the fumes and can't go outside to dip, its 10 degrees hahaha. I'm gonna look into it though...again thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with all of that info

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