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    New Here!

    Great post Vodkaman
  2. Welcome Kevin, good choice, great site here. People love to help each other. I hope you know a lot so you can help me lol
  3. Let me ask you guys this, how important is room temp? I do them in my basement, its not that much cooler than the rest of the house. Is warmer better? Maybe a space heater on low in the area?
  4. I epoxied a bunch off baits the other day only to have half of them not cure all the way. I mixed the heck out of the epoxy, used a little alcohol to thin it and mixed again. I don t get why they didn t cure. So I go to put a second coat on (qith new bottles) and for some reason I could only get one bait done out of the batch before it started curing, wierd cause I can usually get two or three. Well one part of the two part epoxy was must have been bad because I noticed when I was squirting it into the cup it seemed thicker...harder to squeeze out??? Old maybe? Im just venting...I loath epoxy. I ve ordered some diamond coat to try and am hopeful. Have I told you I hate epoxy lol. Thanks for listening, came here cause I thought you guys would understand
  5. fishnart


    dfielding I use Devcon epoxy, hate it, but use it lol
  6. I just prime over it and paint away, have never had an issue
  7. Same here, too scared, its a nice idea though, I was excited
  8. fishnart


    wow, thanks Mark for your time with that response. Man, its hard to know what to do...I like your idea but worry about the fumes and can't go outside to dip, its 10 degrees hahaha. I'm gonna look into it though...again thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with all of that info
  9. fishnart


    Thanks Mark, yeah I expected it to be a little tricky. Uuuuh but what's AC1315 hahaha? If it's easier than epoxy, I'm all for it hahaha. I hate trying to get that into swimbait joints
  10. fishnart


    Alright my little bait builder artists out there. I have a question about swimbaits. I've been repaining some swimbaits and its really hard not to get epoxy in the joints. and I hate this process. So...for those of you that build them, whats the easiest way to take them apart to paint and seal them? Can I take a tiny drill and drill where the pin goes and then take the pin out? What[s ya'lls advice on this...thanks a ton
  11. OK I did a search on heat setting. So let me revise my question, for those that heat set between colors, what if I just let it air dry (using water based paint)? Is that good enough or is there still a benefit to drying it. Also if I let a bait set over night before epoxying it, is that going to be dry enough. I do my baits in a heated basement. Or is it still beneficial to heat dry it? Again...thanks
  12. I thought I'd asked this somewhere in a post but I can't find it, but what are the advantages and how important is it to heat set your paint before using your top coat. I'm sorry if you answered this somewhere else hahaha. Also, I was just thinking about the post about baits yellowing and had an idea that I'm sure someone will be able to address. I used to use Lacquer thinner to thin my epoxy and it was a yellowish, pinkish color. You guys taught me to use alcohol which I now do. I'm wondering if that lacquer thinner that I used, or we use, might help turn baits the pinkish color??? Just a thought and I'm sure someone knows the answer to this.
  13. Musky Glen, I'm dig'n that hole in the side of the coffee can deal, might have to steal that one from you
  14. Right now I just have the ol' single action Pashe. No needle, I just flush it out by squirting windex through and then in between painting sessions I just prop it up in the a windex/water mix and let it soak. I like the acetone for a final cleaning though. That's doesn't gum up or anything inside the brush? Don't use acetone very much, it's ok if it comes into contact with residual water inside the brush??
  15. fishnart

    Am I Allowed

    Yeah, I bought them at my marina years ago, don't think the were a name brand. They are good, that's why I was HOPING someone might know . I was using one the other day and after being hung up it came flying back and hit my boat, busting the lip. So I'm thinking of grinding the lip down and using it for a top water. When it sits in the water it sits up right. Well thanks for responding...hey wait...wonder if someone could make'em
  16. fishnart

    Am I Allowed

    Sorry, the pic didn't get attached...
  17. fishnart

    Am I Allowed

    Thanks Mark...Guys and gals, I've had these baits for years. Originally they were prism tape and doll eyes incased in plastic with a gosh awful lip. I added a small amount of paint to top and bottom and painted some eyes on them. They're really good baits and look a lot better after I'm done with them. My question to you guys is if you by chance have seen these before. I'm not posting them on here to get your opinion of my work (I can't post here for that reason) I just would like to find some more of these baits. Like I said, they're really old and I bought them from a marina so I'm not even sure they're any brand name. But I thought I d throw it out here to you guys hoping maybe someone might have seen them before. Thanks for any help
  18. fishnart

    Am I Allowed

    Can I post a pic in this category if I want to see if you guys can identify an old bait or do I still have to put it in the gallery? Thanks
  19. How's the concrete sealer applied, brush on or spray through gun?
  20. Guys thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to reply with such great information, I so appreciate it. I have some baits that are several yrs old that haven't yellowed and only a few that have. And I would agree with you that say there are pluses and minuses for each. You really helped me, thanks again
  21. I did a search before I asked but it didn't yield anything. I'm sure its been talked about?? Can you guys explain the difference between Devcon and Flexcoat? How are these two different? I might want to change over from Devcon to try it???? Thanks in advance.
  22. can you tell me again why you heat set your paints after each coat?
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