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  1. Different places sell them, Jann's Netcraft is another idea. Just don't make the mistake I did, I tried to save some money and found some (dang it I can't remember where now) that were pretty cheap. I thought split rings are split rings, well they're not. These are a gold color but they bend really easy. When I'm using the split ring pliers they bend very easy and I've thrown more away than used. I don't trust a big fish wouldn't pull the hooks off

  2. Sonoman, I thought of that also but I can't remember if I was using the lacquer thinner on those baits or not but that's very possible

    Hawgfan, thanks for you help. I didn't think of the diving deeper angle....hummm, not sure now lol. Don't really want it to go deeper.


    Thanks guys for your help, anyone else have any ideas about the pinkish baits feel free to pass them on.

  3. OK, I use Devcon Two to finish my baits and I thin it with alcohol (I used to use lacquer thinner to thin it).

    Can anyone tell me why some of my baits turn a pinkish color over time. There was a post on here a while back stressing the proper mixing and someone said to add the alcohol after it's mixed so now I do this and mix really well. But could this be from not mixing it or something?


    Next, I have a big shallow crankbait, a Bagleys Monster Shad if you're familiar with that. It has a pretty wide wobble and I'm thinking of altering it so that it doesn't. Does anyone know if I can shave the lip down, make it a little thinner, if it will change the action? Or are baits perfectly balanced and if I do it it will mess the action up 

  4. I do this with my brushes also. I don't know what kind they are, they're the ones you get at the hobby store that are metal with the stiff black brush??? Cheap lol, but I reuse the heck out of those. After each use I clean them in Lacquer thinner and then reclean them with mineral spirits. I've had them start getting stiff and those I throw away. But I reuse several things cause I'm cheap. Here's my whole process; I mix the epoxy and paint a couple lures. Take a paper towel and wipe the access off of brush and clean it off in the Lacquer thinner . Then I take a paper towel and wipe the access out of the two cups that I used to mix it, pour lacquer thinner in the cups and wash them good with the brush, cleaning brush at the same time. Then wipe the cups out. Then start the whole process over for the next two or three baits. At the end of the day I pour the lacquer thinner back in the can to reuse later. Its a long process to epoxy a couple baits but saves me some money. On a side note, the little plastic sticks that are used to paint small spots...I wash those out after use, dry them carefully and blow on them to fluff them back out and get many uses out of them, just have to be gentle.

    Does anyone else do all of this or am I the only insane one

  5. If you go into the canned spray paint section of stores they have a white primer that works perfect. I think its Krylon maybe, but not sure??? They even have a primer that is white primer X2 that provides extra coverage. I get mine at AC Moore and Home Depot, not sure what you have in your area. If you're interested let me know and I'll get the exact brand but I think this is correct. Seriously though, its so easy, in most cases one blast covers the old paint, soooooome times two. Most baits don't even need to be scuffed up. Let me know if you plan on getting some and trying it and I'll go into more detail.

  6. I have a couple of follow up questions fellow lure makers. I put my epoxy on in my basement, cool and probably a little damp. I hang mine, don't have a turner. I turn my own until it sets up and don't have too many issues with sags. What I do have issue's with from time to time is baits that don't totally cure and are sticky.  


    What I want to get straight for myself first has to do with temp. I think my basement is probably right around 70, I plan to check, but do you think it would help if I put a portable heater (on low) close to my baits just to raise the temp a bit?


    I get the mixing part, I need to make sure I mix it well also.


    Now, my main question. I always take a chance and eyeball the amount of parts in the cups prior to mixing and nine times out of ten get it right. I'm thinking of getting a set of scales, does mixing equal amounts of DC2, by weight, work? I mean is that what you're really supposed to be doing?


    Thank you so much for reading and taking time to reply to my post. I too love this forum. I don't get on as much as I'd like but it's a great forum! Everyone keep up the great work, you guys and gals are some great artists!



  7. I use epoxy, just can't get into joints. And, I don't have a way to turn my baits as they dry, I hang and turn myself. So I do the best I can by holding the bait so I can get epoxy as far into each joint as possible and letting that dry, can only do one side of the bait at a time. Then I epoxy one section at a time, letting each dry before I do the other. What a major pain in the behind. For clients I explain before hand that I don't paint/epoxy into the joint.

  8. Hello all, I have a question. I paint baits but don't make them. Have I seen glide baits without joints? A stick bait sorta bait that swims under the surface? I was thinking of taking the bill off of a Bagley's Monster Shad, I'm sure I'd have to weight it to keep it upright, but I'm thinking of a topwater bait?? What do you experts think?

  9. Hello, I'm from the hard bait section but have a question for you softbait experts. I have someone who wants me to paint some hard swimbaits for him. The baits he makes have soft plastic or rubber tails. My question is, is there a way to paint the soft plastic or rubber? I would assume that it has to be dyed, that any paint would come off??? Any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks a ton

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