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  1. I use devcon 3 and I've had the epoxy crack on a few baits. This is well after it's dried/cured. I know once I had a bait in a plano box on a hot sidewalk for a couple of hours and the heat made the bait crack, warp and peel all over. But this is not the case on these baits, maybe kept in a boat when hot?? not sure yet but does anyone have any ideas as to what makes them crack?

  2. Thanks guys for taking the time to write such an involvled response. It was very informative. Now I have to decide if its worth it. Maybe I can paint them and pay someone with experience to clear coat them for me lol lol. It does sound very intimidating and a little expensive for me to just play around with some old reels I have. Thank you so much again...

  3. Hummm I think it depends on what you want to accomplish and how much you want to put into it. One can paint basic bait patterns but I think to be really really good you have to have some kind of artist ability and eye. All is not lost though, I think some of this can be learned through practice and maybe some art classes. I can't do alot of things but thankfully God has blessed me with a little bit of artistic ability. I'm able to look at something, for example baitfish, and see all the suttle colors that make up the colors of that baitfish. You kinda have to be able to see through colors to see details and the colors that make up the colors. Some colors are two or three different colors that make up one color. You should also experiment, and learn through this wonderful site all of the available techniques there are out there to use. I use many different mediums, techniques and tools on one bait. This is all helpful...but most of all desire and practice. Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

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  4. I started painting baits as a hobby and now sell a few. Only by word of mouth and FB. I stay busy enough but not a ton. I sell a few at shows in the off season. Consequently I don't keep a huge supply of blanks on hand. Started doing that in the beginning and ended up not selling a lot of certain baits. Have learned what sell and what doesn't. So now what I do is if the customer is looking for baits that I don't have I suggest that they go to the websites of my blank co's and pick what they want and then they can order it and send it to me or I can order it for them. What this also does is support the blank co, instead of me ordering a couple crankbaits, the client will hopefully go on there and see other baits he wants and maybe purchases more than he originally wanted, I do, it's addicting lol. There have been only couple of times where once I mention that they don't call back. Not sure if they are offended for some reason, don't have time or what ever. But they have seemed to be very interested prior to me mentioning that. Plus its cheaper, if I order it I should add into the price of the blank, shipping, my time and anything else. They order it and they pay for the bait and shipping.

    So my question is do you guys think this is asking too much? Do you see any problem with this that I'm not seeing? It could be just coinsidence

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